Meet the Parents Night

Psychologists believe that every aspect of our lives, all our thought processes & behavior patterns, are the direct result of our relationship to our parents. –Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Three nights before the wedding my parents finally got the chance to meet Match’s parents. I was pretty nervous about it at first, and I busied myself in the kitchen making homemade appetizers. My Pops decided to help out and together we must have fried up enough coconut shrimp to feed a small army. As I was washing the last pan, Match’s parents drove up. I glanced outside and saw that Match’s Dad was wearing a Hawaiian shirt almost identical to my Pops. 🙂 I stopped being so nervous after that.

When Match’s Mom walked in we all laughed right out because not only were the dads dressed alike, but both moms were wearing black and white outfits. It made for this adorable picture.

Mom, Pops, Future FIL, Future MIL

Right when Future MIL walked in, my mom went to shake her hand and MIL said, “Oh I’m gonna give you a hug!” They laughed and swapped stories as we sat around our table watching the slideshow I’d put together of Match and me growing up. I had baby pictures all the way through the awkward teen years. This was a great ice breaker and got the moms talking about us as babies. My mom talked to MIL about her healthcare job and MIL opened up to my mom about her job in property management. They have so many things in common it’s really spooky! Match’s Sis Travel Girl was there too and she was cracking up with me and Match about how cute all our folks were together.

We toasted champagne and eat way too many appetizers. We ended up taking the dogs on a long walk to the college campus I used to go to which is right down the street from our house. After we got back I served us up some of my famous Jamaican Jerk Chicken with red beans and coconut milk rice and a big green salad. We were all deliciously full after that and we relaxed and visited for quite awhile.

Both Match and I were so grateful that Meet the Parents Night went off without a hitch. It made the rest of the week go so much more smoothly. I would love it if Match’s parents came up to Oregon with us sometime and visited my folks on “their turf”. Maybe we’ll do that next summer…



    Those outfits almost look planned! That’s hilarious. 🙂 I’m so glad that everyone got along and it all went smoothly! I had no doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t.


    yay. i’m so glad that everything went off without any problems… even better that everyone liked each other and got along 😀


    YAY! Glad it went great 🙂 And thats to funny that they all matched. lol

    And diner sounded delicious. I think I’m going to need the recipe for coconut milk rice… I’ve never heard of that but it sounds yummy!

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