Post It Note Tuesday-You Don’t Scare Me

Maryann: [catching Bill and Sookie] What are you doing in my house?
Sookie: This is ‘not’ your house!
Maryann: It is now.
Bill: I strongly suggest you remove yourself immediately!
Maryann: My! You found yourself quite a specimen. Though I dare say there’s nothing stopping him from one day leaving you cold.
Sookie: You don’t scare me. –True Blood



    I got some random nastyness yesterday! I think it’s a full moon today…maybe that explains it?

    9 MORE DAYS!! SO excited for you!!


    WAHOO! You go girl! Glad your not calling it quits.

    The wedding is getting close…. super excited for you 🙂


    now that made me chuckle (which i so needed). i mean i’m totally sorry about the mystery poster… but i like your ‘suck it’.

    hard to believe that you’re getting married in a week and a half!!!!! wooooooo


    Yay! I’m so happy/excited for you! Don’t let things stress you out (like your cousin canceling). The day of the wedding you won’t even remember it! And in five years you REALLY won’t care!


    UGH I am so sorry about that random comment you got…it must have left you with such a bad taste in your mouth! I’ve done a couple stupid things on my blog that revealed too much and I’ve seen people in suspicious places reading it often (Santa Barbara?! PLEASE don’t be L.’s mom!), but I just choose to ignore it, be nice, and be honest. SO glad you’re sticking around. How long do you get off for the wedding???


    oooh. just 9 more days to go…

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