Anonymous No Longer…

It has come to my attention in a recent comment that there is at least one person out there who knows about me and my friends in real life. I’m deeply saddened about this because that individual did not choose to tell me who they were, but made sure I knew they knew exactly who I am, and who all my friends are that I blog about. The comment wasn’t in any way offensive, but I do believe it was meant to get a rise out of me. They knew all of my friends’ initials and whose nicknames belonged to whom.

I just want it to be known that this blog was meant to be my diary. I want to be able to blog freely and without censoring myself. To that individual or to any other readers out there who may know me personally, read at your risk and I do value my privacy. I know that sounds ironic since this is on the world wide web, but if I wanted people to know who I was, I would use my real name. I love this blog and I love the friendships I’ve developed with my readers. I don’t write maliciously but this is also a safe place for me to be able to vent. I feel slightly violated and I feel like I may never be able to write freely again. This breaks my heart because I have so many amazing blogger friends and I feel that this blog has helped me grow in so many ways.

I will continue this blog, but right now I am feeling really creeped out and sad. I don’t want any of my friends to read this blog and take my words the wrong way. Whenever I have written about my friends in any negative or venting context, the problem has been addressed with them personally beforehand or shortly after writing out my feelings. Anyone who really knows me and some of you readers even, know that I am a straight shooter and I say what I think, blog or no blog. I don’t use this blog to hide, but I do like maintaining my privacy and the privacy of my friends. I just hope I can continue to do that in the future.


    Brittany E.

    I’m so sorry, I’m sure that is a devastating feeling. I couldn’t image. I think blogging is something you love, and I’d hate for you to give it up. Hopefully you can find a way to keep your voice 🙁


    i’m sorry about that. i cannot imagine how i’d feel if people i knew actually read it. i agree with you. this is your place to vent and let loose. i’m sorry that you will now have to ‘censor’ yourself.


    Awww, what a yucky feeling. I have felt like this, at times, to a smaller extent. I’ve never felt like I can be as open and honest about my life as I would like to be on my blog. I am constantly thinking about who might read it (most worrisome- grandparents and employers!), and this alters the tone of everything I blog!


    OH NO!!! I’m so sorry! Thats every anonymous bloggers worst fear I think. Hopefully the person who found it will let you know who they are. And your right sometimes we vent in anger and of course would not want everybody we know to read it, cause after venting we cool down and its out.

    I hope this doesn’t make you stop blogging. Be strong and we all support you!

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