Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Daphne: I went to all sorts of funerals as a child. My uncle’s a mortician. Lovely man. He’s offered to do my makeup for the wedding.Frasier: I can just hear the whispers now. “Did you see the bride? Very lifelike.” –Frasier

I’m back! We had a great time in Carmel and I’ll be sure to post all about it in the next few days. Thanks so much to my lovely guest bloggers. Weren’t those great posts? You ladies rock!
I’ve been dying to share with you all how my hair and makeup trial went with Stylist Girl, Geeky’s roommate. I’m absolutely thrilled with the job she did. She used bare minerals makeup so even though I had a lot of makeup on, it didn’t feel heavy or gross. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis so this was huge for me. Here’s a creepy close up of my eye. I promise I’ll show you my face when we get the wedding pictures, but for now, here’s a creepy eye. 😉

She did an amazing job with my hair. Aren’t the ringlets adorable? I’m pretty sure they’ll fall out fairly quickly, but Stylist promised that she’s use industrial strength spray the day of the wedding.

My only problem is since the sun hasn’t been out much this summer my hair hasn’t lightened like it should. I should have never dyed it brown last winter!! I had highlights put in about four or five months ago and those have grown out. Now I’ve got these crazy stripes, so I’m biting the bullet and touching up the roots. Oh the plight of the dirty dishwater blond. Sigh. But other than the color I’m so happy with the hair.

She put in these little flower hair extensions that I borrowed from Old Married Wife that she used in her wedding. They’re my something old AND my something borrowed.

hairpieces for men

I can’t wait to see how my hair and makeup will look with my dress! I had to bust out my Blue Advantage credit card because this hair and makeup thing was not cheap, even with my “Bodyguard” discount from Stylist. Still, I never spend money on beauty and I think for my wedding it’s okay. It’ll be worth it for the big day, especially when looking back at these pictures for the rest of my life!

Did you do a hair and makeup trial for your wedding, or do you plan on it? Did you have a friend do your hair and makeup instead?



    One of my cousins (a licensed cosmetologist) did my makeup, and another cousin (just plain talented) did my hair. I told them that was their wedding gift to me. Loved it!


    Looks great! 🙂 I love your eye color by the way 🙂


    Your creepy eye looks beautiful!
    And omg I am so jealous of your hair. I wish I had had such fantastic hair to work with for my trial. It’s perfect!


    Welcome back!!! You look so gorgeous! And I can’t even see your face! Haha. I LOVE your hair color. Mine is in between yours and brown right now and could go either way…I’m planning on dyeing it darker brown but yours makes me want to go more blonde! I’m such a decisive person about everything BUT my hair. Sigh.


    Beautiful!!!! You look gorgeous! 🙂

    And yes I think it’s important to have a test run. My friend (and bridal nightmare lol) Blondie is a stylist so she will do my hair and makeup on wedding day.


    I can’t wait to see you two on your big day. Your hair looks great!


    It looks beautiful! 🙂


    looks fabulous!


    You look amazing and you have the most gorgeous eye ever 🙂 Your hair is so shiny and luscious. You are going to be one hot bride.

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