County Fair and the Miranda Lambert Concert

Annie: Maybe he’s had a blow to the head.
George: I’m sorry?
Annie: Happened to my Nan. She got hit in the head by a radio controlled plane at a county fair. From that moment – obsessed with pygmy goats.
George: There wasn’t a single bit of that sentence I understood. –Being Human

I was so excited to go to the concert, but almost equally excited to go to the fair. I hadn’t been to a county fair in two years, the last time being in my home county in Oregon. The fair in Northern CA was about ten times bigger than the county fair back home. I definitely prefer the smaller one. Both Match and I were overwhelmed by the crowds and the inability to move around easily. There were also a lot more booths of things for sale like hot tub covers, random knick knacks, and even an Oxygen bar (only in California!). There’s usually strange booths at a fair but that was new to me.

We were also pretty disappointed by the food. We all know that fair food is complete junk and totally bad for you, but it’s usually delicious. Maybe we just ordered wrong but our orange chicken and fried rice plate came out neon orange and completely lacking flavor. I’m happy to report that the funnel cake was delicious which made up for the gross dinner. I still prefer elephant ears drenched in butter and honey, but fried pieces of dough covered in cinnamon sugar ain’t half bad!

After we ate ourselves silly we went to visit the animals. There weren’t that many for a county fair, but what they did have was adorable. They didn’t have my favorite-little pygmy goats. Date Girl Fun Fact: I raised pygmy goats and was a member of 4-H for 4 years! Ha. The baby ducks made up for the lack of pygmies though. Check out this baby duck bridge. How much do you want one in your backyard? They were all jostling to see who would have to go down the slide first.

Match found a Giant Chicken that I kept trying to get him to ride but he wasn’t having any of it. He begrudingly took a picture with it though.

Match got us seats on the ground level which were a lot closer than the stands. He got a beer and I got a margarita (who knew they served margaritas at concerts? So tasty!)

The concert was a lot of fun but it was FREEZING out. When Miranda got on stage the first thing she said was, “Ya’ll it’s COLD out here. I thought this was California!” She had a fog machine and truth be told she didn’t need it because right about 8 o’clock the fog started rolling in. Her opening act was Keith Anderson, and while the name wasn’t familiar I actually recognized quite a few of his songs, like “Double XL” which was sort of ironic because he’s kind of short compared to his huge bassist. He put on a great show and I can see him getting more popular.

Miranda did a great job-even with the freezing weather her voice still sounded amazing.

When she sang “House That Built Me” I got choked up, I don’t know why but that song just gets to me. She was a little more trashy than I thought she’d be, which appealed to the crowd. There were so many slutty girls there it was ridiculous! One girl, I wish I had a picture because it was just so appauling, was wearing a shirt small enough to be a bra, and you could see her entire stomach. That paired with jeans that could have been painted on, and a cowboy hat, in 50 something degree weather. Seriously?! We were joking that she could afford the expensive front row seats because she must save a lot of money on clothes. 😉

I had fun snuggled up to Match, singing along with our favorite songs, but I was relieved to go home. I think for our next concert we’ll definitely dress better or bring a blanket. My jacket kept me fairly warm but my sandal wedges were just a terrible idea. I think for our next concert I’m going to see if we can get Brad Paisley tickets. I’m definitely impressed with country music singers. They both sounded like they do on their albums, and there wasn’t a lot of choreography and other silliness. Just them and the music.

What concerts have you been to lately?



    So I had always wanted to see Blink 182, ever since I was probably 12, but the first chance I got to see them after they broke up was last summer. Honestly? Even 20 was a little bit old. I was super disappointed but all the annoying/angsty/young kids there sort of just ruined it for me. I was all about concerts in high school but now they’re just exhausting! I’m trying to get L. to take a spontaneous 4 1/2 hour drive to Western New York this weekend for a Maroon 5 concert ($10 lawn seats! $29 regular seats!), but he’s not having it. =(


    Ok when I first saw the pics of you with your jacket on I was like what? And then you said it was cold and I was shocked! It’s August lol Its been in the 90’s at least for the past few weeks here and you being in Cali I figured it would be just as hot! Glad she put on a decent show I’m seeing her open up for Brooks and Dunn later in the month 🙂

    And interesting fact on the goats 🙂 The ducks were cute, if they would just stay that size I would take 2 home with me lol


    like e, i was shocked at what appeared to be winter jackets! it’s pushing 100 here today and you were wearing jackets! haha.

    i love certain concerts… i think i’ve had the best time at sugarland concerts. they just put on an amazing class act.


    You are absolutely right. Fried pieces of dough in cinnamon and sugar ain’t bad at all. Neither are margaritas! Hmmm, I think mommy needs a night off. I haven’t been to a concert in 5 years. Not since I first got pregnant with my 1st son and saw my favorite person in the world, Billy Joel.

    Brittany E.

    Yay! You ate the funnel cake for me. ha See I’m going to tell you where you went wrong with the fair food, you have to go really junky to get good food. Like thinks smothered in chili cheese or deep fried. Its only good if you gain give pounds! Have a great vacation! Thanks for letting me guest post!

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