Four Weeks of FUN

Monica: Do you realize that we’re getting married in just four weeks? Four weeks, baby, FOUR WEEKS!
Chandler: Do you realize that you get louder every week?-Friends

I can’t believe it’s August 2nd. In exactly one month and one day I will be walking down the grassy aisle scattered with fall leaves to marry my Match Guy! I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

Remember I told you all I had lots of fun things planned for August? Well August is here, wahoo! Tonight is the Miranda Lambert concert and a long overdue date night with Match. Miranda (we’re old friends on a first name basis right?) is singing at our county fair so we’re getting there early so we can enjoy the fair before the concert.

The last time I went to a fair with Match was the summer we first met. That’s when he came home with me and we went to my home county fair. This will be our first fair experience in California together. I’m already fantasizing about fair food.

In wedding planning news: We’re still waiting on 28 people to RSVP. I’m hoping most of them say no. They’re all friends of Future MIL and I’ve never even met them. Plus if they don’t show up we’ll be under budget which would be a dream come true! As soon as I get the final RSVPs in I can go to town with my box cutter, cutting out and making escort cards. That should only take a few hours to finish. Besides that I’m DONE. Now we just have to pay for everything. I’m not thrilled about that part. 😉

This Saturday will be my hair and makeup trial for the big day and then we’re heading to Carmel that afternoon! I’m so excited to spend five days by the beach with Match! His parents will be there too, but we should get a lot of quality one on one time too. I’m looking forward to bonfires on the beach, running in the sand with Monkey, and snuggling up to Match while we sip on gin and tonics.

I’ve got a couple of guest bloggers lined up to entertain you while I’m gone. Anyone else have any August vacations planned?


    Brittany E.

    I have no plans for August, but I am going to a wedding in Atlanta! The exact day that you are getting married so I’ll wish you well from afar!


    How exciting!! I can’t believe it’s only a month away ~ I’m so excited for you :)Love Miranda Lambert hope you guys have fun!


    STILL recovering from my vaca, even though I got back Sunday night. (Well, technically early Monday morning). Now I’m exhausted, want to cry when my alarm goes off at 7:30, and am dying for a STAYcation…just to lay in bed and watch movies every night! Haha. Have sooo much fun in Carmel!


    wow. hard to believe that you’re getting in married in just 1 month! where does the time go?!

    miranda lambert? lucky ducky! enjoy!!! maybe blake will be there to show his support 🙂 at our state fair, we get….. justin bieber. whoooopeee. although i’m sure all the teenyboppers will enjoy him.


    I LOVE Miranda Lambert. Love her. And date night is fun, and always overdue!

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding – it will be here before you know it!


    I can’t believe it’s almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re getting married!

    I’m so excited for you!

    I love Miranda Lambert- please report back on her performance.

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