Couple Wife’s Birthday and Carb Overload

Kids!? No! Don’t have kids! The rule is no kids until you’re at least 45. Don’t you EVER read my blog? It’s gotten a lot better. -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Last night Match and I had Couple Family (had to change it with baby #2 on the way!) over for a belated birthday dinner for Couple Wife. She just turned 25 on Sunday. It’s funny how often I forget that she’s younger than me. I think it’s because she’s already a mom and has baby #2 on the way, plus has a job she loves and they own a house. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m still 18 by comparison!

I haven’t made dinner for guests in a long time so I decided to bust out the comfort food recipe. I made Spaghetti Pie which is chock full of carbs and fat but oh so tasty. While I was at work I also designed a fancy menu to make the dinner seem more elegant than it actually was. Here’s the menu, you’ve gotta click on it to actually read anything:

And here’s how it looked on the table. Note that I got to use our brand new appetizer platters from my bridal shower. Yay! PS that olive tapenade totally looks like poop but I swear it was delicious. 😉

After dinner I also got to use my new cupcake tree. Don’t cupcakes just look more delicious on a tree?

We ate ourselves into food comas but somehow managed to have the energy to visit. CW told us about their 5 year plan (I love that they have a 5 year plan!) and how they eventually want to move further north to a smaller town that’s more family friendly. I’m sad because I know when we move for Match’s academy we’ll be even further away from them. But Match’s and Couple Wife’s parents live in the same area, so we’ll still get to see each other.

It was so nice visiting with Couple Family and getting to see Couple Baby. He’s grown so much! I can’t believe he’s almost a year and a half already. I love watching Match play with him too, it melts my heart.

I’m so happy I married a man who doesn’t have this old fashioned idea of being a dad. He doesn’t picture himself passing out the arturo fuente cigars in the waiting room and then being handed a baby to show off. He is definitely a hand’s on guy who will be an amazing father. It’s nice having Couple Hubby around as a great example too. CH is awesome with Couple Baby. He’ll jump up and play with him when he gets fussy, or just because. You can really see the love he has for his son. It’s too precious.

Couple Wife is getting closer and closer to her due date. Did I mention she’s having a little girl to complete their family? I hope we follow in those footsteps. I want a boy first and a girl second, as long as we’re dreaming.

CW asked the question that has been asked of us ever since we got engagd, “So when are you two planning on having kids?” We both sort of laughed and just shrugged and said something vague about waiting for Match to have his career established. The goal is before 30, but we’re not in a huge rush. I want to enjoy some newlywed time with my future husband. As much as I adore Couple Baby, he wore us out during that brief 2 hour visit. I don’t think I’m ready for full time parenthood just yet. Towards the end of the night I picked him up and he started babbling, “mommy mommy mommy” because he calls all girls that.  Even though I’m not ready to be one, I can’t say it didn’t give me a warm little flutter in my tummy. 🙂


    Brittany E.

    I can’t believe you printed out a menu so suzy homemaker of you. And I have those same table mats did you get them from Target?

    P.S-I still have yet to try rainbow chip.


    Oh everything looks beautiful and menu sounds delicious! Glad you had a fun night 🙂 And I agree any friend I have who has kids automatically seems older to me.And your right there are those days I still feel 18 and no clue where life is going…. but we’ll get it figured out eventually!

    Date Girl

    Hehe, thanks, I am pretty sure I was meant to be a housewife in the 50s, except with the ability to sass my husband.
    😉 Thanks E, it was a really fun night. One of those great to be around kids but glad they’re not mine right now kind of nights, hehe.

    Britt you are missing out with the rainbow chip my friend. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t get you started, you’ll become a rainbow chip junkie like me, then you’ll be cursing me for getting you addicted. 😉


    everything looks so great!

    i had a family brunch (ended up being like 13 people) at my house a few weeks ago and it made me realize how much i love love love entertaining.

    how do you make spaghetti pie? i’ve never heard of it, but it sounds really good.

    Kathee@2010 Year of Miracles

    The photos are awesome and the food looked great. I’m glad you had such an awesome time! Enjoy your time without kids for as long as you want. You’re young enough that you do have time. Once the kids are there, if you aren’t established, life is really hard! I wouldn’t change a thing in my own life with my kids, except that I wish I’d have done school FIRST instead of financially struggling to raise them.

    One of The Guys

    You’re so creative! I love the idea of a menu. Very cool.

    Yes, take your time. NO rush having kids. Enjoy each other for a while. BUT….don’t wait too long.

    Have a good weekend.


    I think it’s so great that you and Match are excited to enjoy your time together as newlyweds and not rush into babies. I know that’s not for everyone, but taking the time to make sure that you’ve got your marriage and career squared away first is really smart. =)

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