Post it Note Thursday-Man Period

The sole and absolute male counterpart to pms in females. Multiple changes in behaviour(s) at various times in the month is characteristic of this affliction. Symptoms Include: -fear of reality -abrupt irritibility -unwillingness to solve problems -inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings -displays momentary regression back to childish nature(‘little boy syndrome’) -argumentative but totally still wants to sleep with/do you @ the end of the day -onset of inwardness -inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings -sporadic moments where he cares again, but doesnt actually mean it -failure to initiate the apology and or admitting wrongfulness -purposely goes out of the way to frustrate others(*See ‘little boy syndrome’ above; ie. If he’s miserable, EVERYONE else has to be) -clearly shows signs of holding onto young man angst(and all things EMO) and behaving like such a little douchebag because of it -the OPPOSITE of helpful-Man Period Definition,



    Bahah man period. I thought he already had the job?!?! Oh noooo! The indecision must be killing him. I’m sure as soon as he finds out all will be well again at Casa Date Girl!!!


    Nothing worse than a guy pmsing! Hope he hears something soon!

    Dawn @ What's Around the Next Bend?

    I agree Male PMS is MUCH worse than ours!! Good luck on his job!

    Shop Girl*

    Hahah Man Period… SO TRUE. I’ve seen it. *sigh* Men.

    I hope you both hear about his job soon!


    Man periods are way worse than ours and they get worse as the man gets older. Blech!

    Visiting from SITS.

    Blond Duck

    Popped in from SITS! That’s so funny! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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