South Lake Tahoe Mini Vacation

Okay look, let me paint you a little picture. (She sits down next to him.) All right, you are settin’ sail up the Hudson! You’ve got the wind in your h—(sees that he’s bald)—arms! You-you get all that peace and quiet that you’ve always wanted! You get back to nature! You can go fishin’! You can—ooh, you can get one of those little hats and have people call you captain, and then when you’re old, Cappy. -Rachel, Friends

Tahoe was amazing!! It was exactly what we needed. The trip was kind of a whirlwind. We arrived at 11pm on Tuesday night and left at 10am on Thursday, so technically we were only there for a day. But we did so much in that one day that it felt like we were there for a week! This is the view from their living room window. Isn’t it amazing? I can’t believe they’re moving.

Wednesday morning we got up early to watch the US kick ass in the World Cup game. I’ve never watched soccer but this was exciting. After the game, Tahoe Couple made us a delicious waffle breakfast. I haven’t had waffles in a really long time, especially not with the recent health kick we’ve been on. Let me tell you, eating bad never tasted so good. As if that weren’t enough, Tahoe Guy whipped us up a batch of Bloody Marys and we trekked down to their boat. They live in the keys and so the boat dock is literally their backyard. I haven’t been in a boat in years and I instantly fell in love. It was so relaxing!

Match and Tahoe Guy, whom we kept calling “Cappy” all day

Me and Match enjoying the good life.

They even let me drive their boat!!

TC took us to Emerald Bay where we hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. Tahoe Girl took some really sweet pictures of me and Match canoodling.

On the drive back, TC kept whispering to each other about the surprise they had in store for us when we got back. It turns out Tahoe Guy had four coupons for the Tahoe Thunder. It’s this incredibly fast boat that tours around Emerald Bay. It gets up to 60 miles an hour which on a boat is FAST. Before boarding, Tahoe Couple decided we needed to have some liquid courage. We toasted to weekday mini vacations over mai tais.

Check out the view the bar had. I could definitely work in a place that had that view every day.

The Tahoe Thunder looks fast just sitting there. When it got going at top speeds it felt like we were on a roller coaster on the water. Our cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much. TC said they were waiting for the right friends to go with, and they were glad they picked us. We felt so honored!

Have you ever taken a mini middle of the week vacation? Have you ever ridden in a fast boat?



    Love all the pics! looks like you had a great trip 🙂
    .-= E´s last blog ..The Bunny That Stole My Heart =-.


    how fun does that look… so jealous!!!

    great pictures 🙂


    Awesome pics!

    I went to Tahoe at the beginning of June and it was fantastic! I love your pics with your fiance, too cute 🙂
    .-= Rica´s last blog ..Hell Yes =-.


    Wow it look so gorgeous there! I wish I had ever taken my friends who lived in Tahoe up on the offer for a visit. It looks like you guys had a great time.

    And yes my dad has a fast boat. I’m almost a little too afraid to drive it.
    .-= Salt´s last blog ..Dear Comcast I hate you =-.

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