Post it Note Tuesday-I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinions

Samantha: One thing you can say about my mother. She’s a mother-in-law.
Darrin: The one thing I can say about your mother is censor-able. –Bewitched



    LOL, I love this!

    And you’re so right, it’s none of her business!
    Enjoy Tahoe and the Bloody Marys!
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    Hehehe. I love L.’s mom to death, but she can be the SAME way sometimes! Do you think she’d ever read your blog? Does Match get madder at her for making your life difficult or you for ragging on her? L. goes back and forth. Enjoy Tahoe–you sound like you need it!!!
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    Brittany E.

    ouch. I’m so glad to not have any mother-in-law drama or mom drama. The only who put stress on me about my wedding was me :). It will all going back to normal soon, and then you will be married to your best friend, and you won’t even remember this part!
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    WOW. I hope it’s just wedding jitters for her.
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    Mojo Mama

    Aren’t mother-in-laws great? Mine insisted that I wear her incredibly gaudy wedding dress for my wedding. Nevermind that she’s a good 4 or 5 inches shorter than I am, and I was pregnant at the time. Something I learned early on, put your foot down as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s harder to tell them off later.

    Date Girl

    Thanks ladies! Yes, Match is great about sticking up for me, and I do it myself too. I make sure not to vent to him too much about my dear future Mother in Law though. That’s why I love having you readers to vent to! And no way would she read my blog. That’s the beauty of the anonymous blog. Allows me to write uncensored without hurting anyones feelers. 🙂

    I do think the Mother in Law means well, she can just get carried away. At least I’m happy that she’s so excited about the big day. It could be definitely be worse. I’m definitely good at putting my foot down when I need to. I told her in a much nicer way than my post that we’d be writing our own vows, and Match backed me up.

    You’re so right Britt, none of this really matters. When I walk down that aisle, I’m going to be tunnel visioned on Match and so happy to be marrying my best friend. 🙂


    Enjoy taking a couple nights off. It’s SO important to do that so you don’t go into total overload mode!

    And yeah…nice that she cares and wants to help and all, but weddings do bring out the annoying in some people. You hit it right on the head in your last response when you said that none of it really matters when it comes down to the big day!
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    ooooh tahoe! have a great stress-free weekend away with your man! can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


    Awesome. Typical MIL behavior. Have a great trip!


    Uh Oh Bridezilla Mother-In-Law moment!!! Wow! I know you normally get along so hopefully she will transform back into your sweet mother in law sometime soon!

    In more positive news — have a wonderful trip!
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    One of The Guys

    I think most parents do this at some point. You just have to honest with her and tell her to mind her own beeswax! Nicely, but firmly. That usually works.


    Ha—nice one! I can’t believe she would tell you what VOWS to use! Anyway, enjoy Tahoe and go ahead and do what you want anyway. She’ll get over it.
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