The Broom Ceremony

Listen to what the world is telling you and take the leap. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

The last night of our vacation, my family was gathered around in my Uncle’s backyard at the outdoor fire. Everyone was laughing and talking and you could feel the love and family togetherness. This was the perfect moment for my mom to announce that she had a surprise for me and Match.

She gave us a package and inside was a broom. She then read a little history of the wedding custom of “jumping the broom“. She said she’s read about it before and it’s always touched her. So right then and there, with my whole mother’s side of the family there to witness, Match and I jumped the broom.

Getting ready to jump. Match did a fake out the first time and everyone cracked up. That Match is always such a kidder.

Here we are taking the leap into our new life together.

My mom hasn’t been able to be as involved in the wedding planning as we would like her to be. Having her a state away has never been as hard as it has been these past months. This broom ceremony was her way of putting her own touch on our wedding, and it was so special to me. I loved this ceremony and this new tradition. If I have a daughter, I hope to give her this broom and have her jump the broom with her future husband one day.



    This is really a cute and sweet idea.
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    Very cute idea 🙂 Glad you had a good trip!
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    how sweet of your mom!! very touching 🙂


    This is my first visit here so I’m confused why you put hearts on the shapes. I just can’t figured out the answer…


    I mean heart on the faces?…Sorry !!!!

    Date Girl

    I blog anonymously so I cover the faces in my pictures. That way I can still share fun moments without giving away who I am. Plus I like to think it adds a little mystery to the blog, though my readers may disagree. 😉

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