Road Trip and a Much Needed Getaway

[Ted’s prepared to embark on the road trip to Gazola’s with Marshall]
Ted: I am ready to hit the road. I got baby wipes, I got a ridie of jerky, and I’ve got [puts bag on chair] six cans of Tantrum. Well, four – the one burned through the can and the other one I drank already. RAAAH [rips throw pillow apart and tosses it away]…TANTRUM!    –How I Met Your Mother

Match and I are hitting the road tonight! We’re driving 6.5 hours to Oregon to see one of my cousins graduate from high school. It also happens to be our 2 year anniversary on Saturday so I sprung for a cottage for us to stay in tomorrow and Saturday night. We’ll squeeze in a romantic getaway in between the family visiting. We’re packing a nice bottle of bubbly, some wine, and I think I may pack some lingerie to wear.  Match and I haven’t been able to spend very much time together these past few months, and I’m so excited we’re able to get away together this weekend.

Check out this photo of the cottage I found us. I hope the real deal lives up to the picture!

Tonight we’re going to drive up halfway and stay somewhere cheap. That way we can get the most out of our short weekend getaway. My OCDness is having a rough time with the whole “winging it” thing and not having every leg of the trip planned out. I am attempting to unwind and not be all, well, ME about the trip. I may even turn off my phone and not go online. I may.


    Dawn @ What's Around the Next Bend?

    Sounds like fun!
    I would NOT be able to turn off my cell phone… but that’s just me. 🙂
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    Sometimes it’s so good to completely unplug yourself! Although turning off my phone would be tough for me.

    I hope you guys have a lovely time. From the photo that place looks beautiful! I hope it is everything you expect and more!
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    That place looks amazing, I am so jealous!


    Wow, it looks beautiful! I hope you have a fun and romantic time away!
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    As much as I would miss you if you were gone from the interwebs for a whole weekend, DO IT. Getting “off the grid” so to speak is the most satisfying feeling in the world. I tried to do it the whole time L. and I were in Hawaii. Of course I failed. L. and I are having a nice dinner, drinks, hotel evening on Sunday, and I too may pack something lacy. Haha!

    You can think of this as your pre-wedding honeymoon! Apparently that’s a “thing” that people like to do now.
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    PS love the HIMYM quote, obvi.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Reason #457 Why I’m a Total Geek, and Should be Kept in Academia for the Rest of My Life Away from the Normal People =-.

    Brittany E.

    I think that place is so pretty, and I love road trips with Adam! I know its Sunday so you are probably back but I hope you had a great time!
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    That cottage looks awesome! Is there anything interesting to do in Oregon, or is it only good for going to graduations? I’m just wondering because I would like to get out to the west coast and see some new places other than in California


    how beautiful! hope you had a great trip 🙂
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