Sex and the City 2 and Geeky’s Birthday

Richard: So, you look great.
Monica: Right.
Richard: No you do. You… just…
Monica: What?
Richard: You’ve got panties stuck to your leg.
Monica: (removes them) That’s because I-I was just grabbing some things out of the dryer, and it’s static cling. Or maybe it’s just that God knew I’d be running into you and saw an opportunity.                                                                                                                                –Friends

Saturday was Geeky’s big birthday bash. I met up with Geeky, Firefighter Chic, and Stylist Girl and Geeky and Stylist’s place. GC let me borrow one of her dresses (she has hundreds and they are all so pretty!) and then Stylist helped me fix my hair. Geeky’s boyfriend, the only guy, was teasing Stylist for having a tackle box full of makeup to cover the acne of an entire freshman class. That guy is funny and also a great sport for being the only girl with a ton of women. We had some champagne and then Geeky’s bf took pictures of us before we headed out.

Me, Geeky, Firefighter Chic, and Stylist Girl

First stop was a Mexican restaurant for drinks and munchies before watching Sex and the City 2. We all arrived in style, and people even stopped and asked what the special occasion was. I said our friend is a quarter century old and it’s Sex and the City night! Drama Chick was there and she gave even more meaning to her nickname. She was incredibly rude to me and surprise surprise, dramatic. Ha! Luckily she left after the movie and didn’t accompany us to the bars.

I went to the movie expecting it to be kind of cheesy, but hopefully fun too, like the last one. Wrong! I felt like the chemistry between Big and Carrie was completely dead. It was just two actors reading lines, not our beloved couple. Also, the one liners such as “Laurence of My Labia” made me groan out loud. The champagne we snuck in also helped tremendously. I shutter to think of how I would have felt if I had been stone cold sober and had to sit through 2.5 hours of bad jokes. I definitely would have preferred to Netflix this flick and not waste the money on it. If it had been an hour shorter it would have been a lot better. Still, it was fun to get dressed up and go to the movies as a big group. The champagne we snuck in also helped tremendously. I shutter to think of how I would have felt if I had been stone cold sober and had to sit through 2.5 hours of bad jokes.

This picture was taken right after the movie ended. There were so many of us during the show that a lot of the girls ended up sitting on the ground or along the wall in the front row, and the rest took up the entire front row of seats.

Me, Geeky, Firefighter Chic, Drama (in the back), Couple Wife (w/the baby bump), Straight Edge and a few others. This wasn’t even all the girls that were there that night!

After the movies a lot of the girls left, but a good number of us stayed out. There was Geeky, Stylist, Straight Edge, and a few others that I don’t know that well. We got to the first bar, and when we walked in, I spotted none other than Potential Guy sitting at a table on a date with a girl. It was surreal to me because I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 and a half years. For those who have been reading my blog for a long time, you’ll remember PT. For those who haven’t, he was a guy I dated before Match, during my wild crazy dating time, and though we only dated briefly but it was full of drama. I think this post explains a lot of what our “relationship” was like.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love running into an Ex when I look great. Usually Murphy’s Law would have it that I’m in sweats, no makeup and a big zit at the grocery store or something. Instead, as the Dating Gods would have it, I was dressed to the nines and out with a big group of friends and loving life. The sparkling diamond on my finger didn’t hurt either. 😉 Of course my friends plopped down at the table almost right next to him!  I caught him starring at me and I gave a little wave and a smile and I’m pretty sure his jaw dropped. I have to admit, it felt good.  I texted Match and told him I’d seen Potential. I also told M that it reminds me just how lucky I am to have found him. Seeing Potential reminded me of all the drama and heartache that can come with dating, and I’m so so happy to be out of that whole mess!

Me, Geeky, Stylist, and their friends

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. The bars were too crowded and no one wanted to dance. Geeky seemed tired and kind of cranky. Straight Edge was fun, but no one seemed to be much of a social mood. At the last place we went, I did run into Sam from the Biggest Loser! I felt like such a nerd because I had a slight buzz and I turned into a total fangirl. Geeky, Straight Edge and the rest all went to high school with Sam so it was no big deal to them but for me, he’s like famous. I kept trying to act natural, but I couldn’t help just grinning at him like a complete fool. Come on BL fans, Sam ROCKS! You know where I’m coming from right? I took this paparazzi style photo of him from across the bar so I wouldn’t appear too stalkerish. Later on, he came up to my group of girlfriends to say hi, and I just said, “hiiiiii” like a complete idiot. He sort of looked at me strangely and walked away. I know, I’m so cool. 😉

You have to look closely, but that’s him!

Have you ever run into an Ex after years of not seeing each other? Were you lucky enough to be looking good or did you have a Monica sees Richard at the video store kind of moment? How about a quasi famous person? Did you act cool or were you an idiot like me?


    Brittany E.

    I actually kinda like Sex and The City 2. Its was no where near as good as the first one. And it bothered me that Miranda and Charolette really didn’t have a story line. But I still enjoyed it somewhat 🙂 But I was really bored the day I went. I still think it was so cool you saw Sam! I just love that show, glad to see him out and enjoying his life. But his girlfriend Stephanie wasn’t there? 😉
    .-= Brittany E.´s last blog ..The Real Housewives of New York City: "Reunited and It Feels So Awkward" =-.

    One of The Guys

    Sounds like a great night, with seeing PT and all. It’s a good feeling isn’t it!?

    I’ll let my wife know your review of the movie.


    Mmm I loveee seing exes when you look hot. I saw my worst one after I had lost 20 pounds. He said, ‘Wow, you’re just a…skinny minnie!’ A reminder of his lameness was all I needed to remember why we broke up. Ha!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Re: Social Life (It Does Exist…Kind Of) =-.


    Sounds like you had a great time!! I agree I liked the movie…. but not near as much as the previous stuff. And I admit I’m slightly jealous, any time I have ever run into an ex the dating goods have used me for a good laugh! lol Doesn’t it feel great to know you look good and think toward the guy – yep you realize how stupid you were now don’t you! lol 🙂
    .-= E´s last blog ..Post It Note Tuesday ~ Catch Up =-.

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