Post it Note Tuesday-Daddy Issues

Zachariah: You’ll do everything you’re destined to do, all of it. But I know, I know, you’re not strong enough, you’re scared, you got daddy issues, you can’t do it, right?
Dean: Angel or not, I will stab you in your face. –Supernatural



    first off… good luck. i agree with match on this one. let him lead the conversation. after all. he is the one who initiated this meeting. let him do the talking. and if it takes a turn for the worst, then you can let your claws out. go there open minded. who really knows how this can turn out. blogger hugs are being sent your way. good luck!!!!


    Hugs!!!! Good luck at dinner. Hope it goes ok!! (Thanks for stopping by my blog).
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    Good luck. I think he is trying to reach out too…maybe the marriage is kind of like reality slapping him in the face…that this might be his last opportunity to form a relationship with you. See what he has to say. Best wishes and thoughts. xo
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    Good luck!! I think they all gave advice…. just depends on how he acts. I hope it goes well. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Just came across your blog from SITS, I’m so happy to find another blog about a bride to be! Following you now, come check me out sometime!
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    I totally relate on this one girl. I’m adopted but lived with my biological parents until I was ten, so the memories are still pretty fresh. My dad has attempted to contact me on and off for the last eleven years, and sometimes I just want to be a little girl and let him by my dad, and sometimes I get really upset or emotional or angry. More often than not though, I feel absolutely nothing. My adoptive dad is my whole world and he’s been there for me through more in our relatively short time together than my biological dad. I know he’ll be the one walking me down the aisle at my wedding. What I would say, not knowing the situation, is not to let him make you think you owe HIM anything. If inviting him to your wedding is awkward or will stress you out, don’t. It’s your day, and it sounds like he gave up his right to it. Only do things on your terms, and if you want to yell unadulterated, yell. If you want to say nothing, say nothing.

    Sorry I’ve written a short novel, but I really empathize with you on this one. Good luck with everything–email if you want to talk more and more privately!
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    Wow, what a post. Good luck. I hope it goes well.


    i say, hear what he has to say but dont expect a miracle. he may want in on your wedding (it is a big deal, after all) but after abandoning you, i wont be surprised if you tell him no. it is your wedding and you dont have to be all guilty about your dad. you have enough stress as it is.

    shuttling in from SITS and PINT 🙂
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    Sarah Ruth

    So how did dinner go? Was it more or less than you expected (or didn’t expect)?

    Stopping by from SITS!

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    One of The Guys

    Wow, this is the second post I’ve read today relating this type of situation.

    I’m partly happy for you and partly depressed.

    Happy because a father and child should be together. Depressed that he left in the first place. As a dad I just don’t understand that.

    That being said, good luck. And yes, let him lead the conversation. See what he has to say before you say anything.


    my father has given me the “silent treatment” on and off for years and is now back at it. Very sad that he doesn’t want to be involved. He is missing out on his grandson and he knows it but will never admit fault. I’m tired of playing the game. I hope your dinner goes OK.
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