The Geek Conference

Roy: How do you know about this site?
Moss: Oh, I’m a member.
Roy: Really? You do the whole Lonely Hearts thing?
Moss: I’m a 32 year old IT-man who works in a basement. Yes, I do the whole Lonely Hearts thing! –The IT Crowd

Thursday and Friday I was given the “opportunity” to attend an IT conference. Basically it’s a conference full of lectures on products and software companies want us to buy and sell to our clients. It was hands down the most boring thing I’ve ever been to, and I’ve taken Organic Chemistry.

The conference would have been more fun if I had at least been with a fun coworker. Instead, I was stuck making awkward small talk with one of our senior engineers who lives and breathes for techie crap. Our conversations were about as much fun as talking about buying a life insurance policy.

When I wasn’t making the awkward small talk, I was suffering through hands on labs. I was literally the only woman in a classroom of 35 people. It was a strange feeling. This feeling was magnified when one of the IT nerds started hitting on me. It was fairly bold for a geek if you ask me. He asked if I was staying in San Francisco and I said no, that I was commuting instead. He said, “well maybe you need a new job.” I just laughed because, well, that’s true. Then he said, “You know, you could have stayed in my room.” I said, “I don’t think my fiance would have liked that.” Then the jerk says, “Maybe you need a new fiance.” That’s when I got up and moved to a new seat. What a creeper! I guess there really are jerks everywhere. Even in the IT crowd.


    One of The Guys

    Yes, that is creepy, especially after you drop the bomb hint to get the F away!

    Some guys just have this false sense of themselves. They’re really just wicked insecure.


    You know all about how bad I am at dropping the “I’m taken” bomb early on the in conversation, but wow, even when you do it doesn’t quite do the trick, does it?! Jeeeez!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Home is Wherever I Want it to Be =-.


    Dropping by from SITS & love your blog…just kidding…I read your post 🙂 I’m in IT, too and it is weird being the only woman in a room full of men sometimes. Maybe that guy watched the IT Crowd & thought it was an instructional video….
    .-= Traci´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Thank Goodness they put the picture on the package! =-.

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