Trying to Decide on Wedding Music

My wedding planner is a passive-aggressive nitwit who has the audacity to question my taste in music. Bob Seger is not “so over.” -Julie, The O.C.

Wedding plans are moving along pretty smoothly but one area I’ve been stuck on is the music. I’m a karaoke buff, and the first time Match and I ever met in person I was actually singing at a karaoke bar. I want our wedding music to be unique and I want to be sure it reflects my love for music.

Match picked out our first dance song and it brings me to tears every time I hear it. It’s the song Then, by Brad Paisley. Match is into country, and he’s brought me over to the twangy side, begrudgingly. Now I’m hooked. If you haven’t heard the song, here it is, with lyrics. Doesn’t it just make you melt?

The song we’re playing for the father/daughter dance was hard for me at first. I wanted a song that reflected my relationship with my stepdad, but we also want Match and his mother to jump in and dance. My first pick was a song also by Brad Paisley, called “Half the Man” about a stepdad who stepped in as a role model for his son. It’s told from the perspective of a man so it didn’t quite work for us. I still cry every time I hear it though. Finally, I was in my car driving around and this song came on. I think it works not only for my Pops and me, but also for my mom and for Match’s parents. I had my mom listen to it and she cried and said she loved it. It’s called “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Atkins.

I’m really happy with those song choices, but I’m stumped on the ceremony music. I just don’t see myself walking down the aisle to the classic hear comes the bride wedding march. I am struggling with finding the right song. I don’t want anything too slow but I also don’t think I want to go completely modern and have lyrics. I would hate to pick a song that is later used in a cheap auto insurance commercial! I like the idea of instrumental, but maybe a newer song. Any suggestions would be appreciated! What songs were in your wedding?



    Awww, I love that Brad Paisley song- tears, every time! My husband is such a music snob. He didn’t want something cheesy (a.k.a. romantic) and he didn’t want to pick something that anyone else would ever pick. We ended up dancing our first dance to Mayer Hawthorne’s “Make Her Mine”. We’d seen in in concert a few weeks before our wedding, so it was perfect.
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    Picking the music was one of my favorite parts! I walked down the aisle to an Enya song called Caribbean Blue (which I thought was pretty unique). I’m not a fan of the classic wedding march song.

    I am not really familiar with Brad Paisley (or any country for that matter), but I would definitely tear up if I saw a couple have their first dance to that song!
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    The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know

    hmmm…maybe you could find an instrumental version of “i could not ask for more”…and I am not a Twilight fan, but check out “only you” from the breaking dawn soundtrack…there’s a great piano version of shania’s “from this moment on” by the o’neill brothers…oh my gosh! ben folds “the luckiest”! Just piano, wouldn’t that be awesome? Oh, it is:
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    One of The Guys

    OK, I have no ideas here. I like the two songs you chose.

    I’m sure it will come to you one day as you’re riding down the road with the windows rolled down, thinking of nothing but the sun and the wind.
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    Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

    The wedding music was the most difficult for me too. For the march I decided to hire an acoustic guitarist to play a classical march to add our own personal touch.

    121 Days! I can’t believe your wedding is right around the corner.


    Music! Music was my fave part of wedding planning. And Yay Match, because I am a country music fanatic! I really think “Oh” by Dave Matthews, not the Dave Matthews would be amazing to walk down the aisle. Sometimes when I am in a really emotional mood, that song can almost make me cry. So sweet.
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    Vermont Wedding

    Actually I’m not a fun of any music groups. Maybe because I don’t know how to sing..LOL.but if I will get married I will choose the songs that I think fits my personality and to my husband to be.. I also want my husband to choose his favorite song for our very big day.

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