Womancing the Girl

Cameron [about him and Gloria]: On paper we should be good friends, one spicy curvy diva.
Mitchell: And Gloria. –Modern Family

Last night I had Geeky over for wine and dessert. Match teased me that I was romancing the new friendship. “What do you mean it’s weird that I’m making chocolate covered strawberries and serving red wine to my new gal pal?” I said. When Geeky came over the first she said was that her boyfriend, her Fireman Guy said he better take notes on how to romance from me! Ha!

We had a fun and mellow night of eating ourselves sick and getting buzzed on great wine (thank you BT!). Match hung out with us for part of the night and told me later that she was his favorite of my “womances” so far. He said she was so easy to talk to and I seemed relaxed and myself around her. Not quite as tense and on edge as I was around Outdoor Girl.

Since last Thursday’s dessert and wine night we’ve talked every day on email throughout the work day. It’s fun to have a new girl friend that I can talk with. Plus she’s good friends with Couple Wife so we can hang out in groups. I was feeling a real absence of good girlfriends in my life before I started hanging out with Geeky and her friends. I never seem to hear from Brazil. The only time I’ve heard from her in the past month has been a
baby shower invitations to her baby’s birthday party (can’t believe Brazil’s baby is a year old already). Couple Wife has been crazy busy and she’s growing a person so she’s got a lot on her plate.

I’s been a welcome new friendship that I really needed. Geeky is also a good influence. I’ve been totally hooked on kickboxing thanks to her. She also includes me in almost everything she does. Tonight is her friend Straight Edge’s birthday party and we’re going to a comedy show. I’ve convinced Match to come with me because I can’t wait for him to meet Geeky’s boyfriend. I hope they get along as well as I do with Geeky. I can already picture us going on double dates, maybe even a camping trip. Haha, I guess Match is right, a new friend is a lot like when you first start dating someone. It’s so new and exciting, and it’s hard not to dream about the future! đŸ˜‰



    sounds like so much fun!!! i could certainly use some more good girlfriends… that’s for sure…
    .-= phoebe´s last blog ..you never know…. =-.


    Awe thats wonderful!! Glad things are going good, I hope her boyfriend and Match hit it off!

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