Drunken Chess and a Sleepy Sunday

Cristina:[to Meredith about Marlow] I need to force him into the defensive…Take his queen. [Meredith gives her a skeptical look] You’ve never played chess?
Meredith: I’m not a geek!
Cristina: I’ve gotta crush him. Annihilate him at his own game. –Grey’s Anatomy

Sorry for my lack of posting, but it has been a hectic week. You know those weeks where work is busy and then you have plans every night? That’s been my life this week. Last weekend was full of activity and this weekend is looking the same. So much for those bored and lonely nights! Last Saturday was by far the most interesting of nights, that involved a run in with Birthday Twin and a drunken game of chess played until 6am.

Friday night was actually pretty relaxing. Match went off to work and I decided to spend the evening with my Monkey pup. I gave him a beauty treatment which included filing his nails and scraping the tartar off his teeth. Yeah, he lets me. He’s such a good boy. So there I am scraping away and I notice something pink on his tooth. I look closer and realize that a chunk is missing, and that pink thing? Pretty sure that’s his NERVE. Ouch! I’m still amazed he didn’t bite me, especially when I poked it. Poor boy. More on that later.

Saturday day I met up with Future MIL. We were on a Wedding Invitation mission but stopped off for a nice lunch first. I was sort of dreading the experience because we’ve never really done anything just the two of us before. It turned out to be pretty fun! She did grill me over lunch about my real father, asking if he was coming to the wedding. Luckily after I explained it she seemed satisfied, and summed it up pretty nicely with a, “well it’s his loss” affirmation. It was nice to know that she understood my point of view.

After a 45 minute drive we got to the warehouse store where she insisted we get the invitations. I’m not going to complain because she is paying for them. After a grueling 3 hours, we had searched through every single book of invitations, my tendinitis in my wrist was aching, eyes were strained, but we finally found the invitations that we both liked. I’ll post them next week when we actually buy them.

Saturday night when I got home Match declared that I had definitely earned a gin and tonic. We got to relax a bit, and then Chandler dropped in. He had spent the past week in Scotland with his fiancee and he had all kinds of fun stories for us. Then Match headed to work and Chandler and I decided to walk to the bars, which really meant trouble because we could drink however much we wanted since neither of us drove.

We had a good time of people watching and catching up on the past week’s events. When Chandler got up to buy us our second pints, in walks Birthday Twin. I immediately jumped up and ran over to say hi. He had his girlfriend with him, and I was happy to see it was the same girl as from October. She walked away and I playfully teased him that I was happy he was holding onto her for longer than a month. He then stared me up and down and said I looked great. Oh Birthday Twin-always gotta be a little bit inappropriate don’t you? I told him about the wedding date change and he said he might be really busy with wine harvest. I was relieved because to be honest he’s not a big part of our lives and he doesn’t really have any place at the wedding. I’d rather give his invitation spot to Geeky and her man!

After the bars, Chandler and I stumbled home and I thought he’d say goodbye. Nightowl that he is, he insisted we stay up and play drunken chess. I’d never played chess before somehow I managed to semi learn. While we played he really opened up to me about his relationship with Monica. They seem to be having some problems but I think it all boils down to distance. She’s in freaking Scotland for crying out loud! So they’re bound to have some trouble connecting. I reassured him that I was sure this summer having her home would make all the difference. I feel bad because I really don’t know her that well and here I spend all of this time with her fiance. I hope to get to know her this summer. I definitely don’t want there to be any sort of weirdness between us. Hopefully she knows that I’m the safest person that could be hanging out with her fiance. Match loves that about Chandler. He knows that Chandler will keep an eye on me and look out for me at bars and that he would never attempt to hit on me.

As we were playing chess I get a text from Match and he’s asking if I’m still up. I was stunned when I looked at the time. It was 6am!! I was like, ok Chandler, it’s been fun but I have to go to sleep. I ended up getting only two hours of sleep before Match got home. He was all pumped on caffeine and wanted to go to the Lake and fish and hang out with me, while all I wanted to do was curl up with my Sony VAIO and watch romcoms in bed.
I rallied because we never get the chance to hang out during the day. So I dragged my sleepy butt to the park for what turned out to be a gorgeous day.

Match fished and I watched him and drifted in and out of consciousness. That night we passed out around 8. It took a few days for me to feel like a human again!

When was the last time you pulled an all nighter? How long did it take you to recover?



    Oh all-nighters are the name of the game over here! I have FOUR papers due in the next week. Isn’t that inhumane?
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Evolving =-.


    Ok I don’t think I could learn Chess sober much less not sober. So Kudos! I pulled an all-nighter like a week ago, but it really wasn’t on that purpose. But I went to bed and slept a few hours, but I didn’t feel right for like two days. When I used to pull all nights in high school and college all the time, no problem! We are getting old I think!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Mortified Times Two =-.

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