Changing the Wedding Date

Nate: Okay, so our wedding date would be when we met, so that makes us married for…

In unison

Sophie: Ten years.
Nate: Eight years.
Sophie: You don’t remember when we met?
Nate: Of course I do. I was just rounding.
Sophie: By subtracting two years? –Leverage

So we did the etiquette unthinkable. We changed the date after the save the dates were sent out. UGH. But I’m so glad we did. We decided to just go ahead and change it so we wouldn’t have to stress and wonder if Match got the job or not. I was even able to keep all my deposits because my venue, dj, and photographer all agreed to the new date. So now instead of having six months for til the wedding, we’ve bumped the date to September 3rd, which is less than 5 months away, EEPP!!

Here are the cons for changing the date:
1. We already sent those cute little save the dates which are now void.
2. We may look a tad unorganized to some of our guests.
3. We lost a 1.5 months for planning.
4. We don’t know if Match has the job.

Here are the pros, and I think you guys will agree that they drastically outweigh the cons:
1. No more stress! We can breathe easier knowing that no matter what happens, Match and I will have the whole week off of our wedding and we can enjoy every minute of it.
2. Match will be there-instead of the scenario where he’d be rushing home from academy and only enjoying our wedding for one day, and missing out on visiting family and all the pre-wedding fun.
3. My lovely aunt flow will not be here. Something we didn’t even think about when we originally set the date. So no bloated, pmsing bride! Not to mention having a much more enjoyable wedding night (yes, this was Match’s #1 reason to move the date!)
4. We get to be married 1.5 months sooner!!
5. September weather is a lot warmer than October and there will be less chance of rain.
6. It’s the Friday before Labor Day which means more of my out of town guests can get away easier.
7. We will always have a three day weekend close by our anniversary.
8. My grandmother has Parkinsen’s and she’s really slowing down and she is having a harder time moving. The warm month will be good for her, and sooner is better because you never know…and I really want my Granny there.

So there you have it. We’ve changed the date, and we’re sending major positive energy to the Sheriff department. We agreed that even if he doesn’t get the job, we’re still excited about the date change, but let’s face it, if he does get it, that would be icing on the wedding cake (which we now need to hurry up and find!).



    That’s SUCH a hard decision. I think it’s great you just went for it. Who cares if your guests think you’re being disorganized–if they really want to be with you on your special day, they’ll be there with bells on no matter what. I really, really hope this sends out some good karma for Match’s job!
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    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    Girl, DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! I used to own a wedding business and I always advised my brides to make changes (no matter what the changes where) if they needed to. People will get over it. My parents got married on a national holiday so that they would have a long weekend every year…they LOVE it! 🙂



    I know this was a hard decision to make, but it sounds like moving the wedding up was the best solution. And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Match! 🙂
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    One of The Guys

    That must be such a relief. You were smart not to wait. I like a women, or a couple, who can make fast decisions!!
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    good luck with everything 🙂

    Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

    My husband an I bumped our wedding up ELEVEN months. We ended up planning it in only eleven days. Do I have any regrets? Not a single one. It was so much less stress, and you know what? People did get over it.

    Stopping by to say hi from SITS!
    .-= Toni @ Hemp & High Heels´s last blog ..A Cookie Tale =-.

    JDaniel4's Mom

    Stopping from SITS! I don’t think changing the date this far out is a bad thing. I remember getting a wedding invite and then the couple eloped. That was a little awkward.


    I love it! I admire you so very much for having done what is best for the TWO of you! My fiancee and I just moved our date BACK from July ’10 to May ’11 for very similar reasons, we tormented ourselves for months about the cons, the reactions and consequences mostly, but in the end we had to do what was best for ourselves and what was going to allow us to enjoy OUR day and be at peace until that day came.

    Congrats! And @Toni@Hemp&HH…they absolutely DO get over it!

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