Mother’s Day-What to Do?

Leonard: What are you doing?
Sheldon: Every Saturday since we’ve lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15, poured myself a bowl of cereal, added a quarter-cup of 2% milk, sat on this end of this couch, turned on BBC America, and watched Doctor Who.
Leonard: Penny’s still sleeping.
Sheldon: Every Saturday since we’ve lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15, poured myself a bowl of cereal…
Leonard: You have a TV in your room, why don’t you just have breakfast in bed?
Sheldon: Because I am neither an invalid nor a woman celebrating Mother’s Day. –The Big Bang Theory

I was looking through my calendar and I see that Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us again. You’d think this holiday would be a no brainer. Most moms would just love going out to dinner or having a nice home cooked meal with their daughter. My mama lives a state away so that’s not really an option for us (though I wish it was so much sometimes). I’d love nothing more than to surprise her on Mom’s Day by showing up on her doorstep and having a mother/daughter day like old times.

Instead, I’m stuck with the task of trying to come up with unique mother’s day gift ideas that she’ll actually like. My mom is the most practical person in the world. She doesn’t like store bought flowers because she thinks they are a waste of money. She doesn’t like a lot of “things” because she’s a minimalist. She doesn’t like to pamper herself, so massages are out of the question. I thought about getting her a nice set of women pajamas from the women’s sleepwear department at Oprah’s new store. Let’s face it-Oprah knows women, so I can’t go wrong can I? Unless I misjudge her size. Then all hell would break loose.

But doesn’t that also seem like sort of a generic gift? I feel like anyone could pick out pajamas for women and it wouldn’t feel like a personal gift from her loving daughter. In the past I’ve send nice pictures, but I already did that as part of her Christmas present.

Now when I have kids I know I will be set. I can either just surprise her with a visit to see her grandbabies or I can just send tons of pictures and videos. She already has two grandbabies, but my brother is horrible about sending pictures. He’s set the bar fairly low in that department. And we all know my OCD and tendencies to take pictures of everything will come in handy one day.

So I am stumped on this Mother’s Day gift idea. And I also have to come up with a present for Match’s mom. How about you? Do you already have the perfect idea for you Mom? Or are you going to go with the tried but true flower route?



    Oh wow. See I have a day planned for my mom and Marine’s. But with your mom being in another state it does throw a cog in the wheel……. hhmmm…. could you get her to come down to you for a day?

    Date Girl

    Oh man I wish!! She’s not big on traveling and it’s hard for both of my parents to get away. They’ll be here for the wedding and that will be the first visit since my college graduation in ’06. They’re Oregon folk and get intimidated by the crowds and traffic here. Not that I blame them, but I do live in wine country. I’m going to woo them with wine tasting when they’re here. 🙂
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    One of The Guys

    You can take care of this in one swoop.

    Find the nicest picture of you and Match. Frame it up with some cool, funky frame and give one to each mother.

    (As a father, those are always my favorite gifts.)

    A more expensive option. $80/each. Get them one of those framed picture viewers that are digital. You know the kind. I don’t know what they’re called, but I got one for my birthday. My wife loaded it up with pictures and now it sits in my office and I can see a slide show all the time. I love it. You could load yours up with pictures. They’d probably be thrilled.

    Does this help at all?
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    Date Girl

    Yes it does. You know what they say about great minds? 🙂 I did this for my mom last year and she loved it. MIL has the digital frame already. But I should definitely get one for my mom! Good call!


    Yep, pictures are always a win for moms and grandmas, plus you can do it every year since they always want a recent one! Another idea: gift certificate for a restaurant she likes, or a local shop (Not a box store, but we have this great little eco-friendly shop downtown, for example. What’s in her hometown that she likes? ) Or a subscription to a magazine, like Real Simple, or maybe a book that she might like? Good luck!

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    I’m stopping by from SITS. I’m enjoying reading your blog
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    I was just going to suggest the digital picture frame. We did this for both grandparents. You could even load the pictures on it and maybe get some from your brother to put on there. Then all she’d have to do is plug it in.
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    Have you ever seen the website cookies by design? They deliver these beautiful cookie bouquets that are so good. They can be a little pricey but they are so worth it! Here is the link
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