Match and the Baby Ducks

Tommy: [petting a chick in his hand] Mr. Fuzzy Man, how you doin’? Aww… [The chick poos in his hand.] Ew! Oh, ew! Gross! IDIOT! STUPID LITTLE FUZZY YELLOW CREATURE! Ooh, look at me, I’m so cute, I’m a little chick who’s DISGUSTING! God, you’re so stupid, how are you not yet extinct?[The duck, hearing all the commotion, waddles into the kitchen and starts quacking.]Tommy: Quack quack, quack quack! What are you quacking about? DUMB DONALD DODO![Tommy looks up to see the gang in the doorway, staring at him in shock.]Chandler: Step away from the duck. –Friends

I’ve mentioned before that Match and I live near the University I went to that happens to have a gorgeous campus. It’s our favorite place to walk our Monkey dog, especially this time of year. Why do you ask? Because of these!!

So last week I get a text from Match saying, “Don’t be mad.” I was like, oh no, what is this all about? So I call him, and he says, “I rescued some duck eggs from the campus park.” Match is a total sucker for animals which is just one of the many reasons I love him. At first I chastised him for taking duck eggs, because maybe the momma was going to come back. But as it turns out, either some person, or some animal, attacked a nest of eggs. All of the eggs on top were smashed and he went over to investigate. Underneath all of the ruined eggs were three little eggs. He knew the momma most likely wouldn’t come back because the rest of the nest was destroyed, so he took them home. He happened to have an old incubator at his parents house, so he set it up in our spare room.

So this is the sight I came home to that day.

It could be worse-he could collect machinery and industrial hand wheels and other man toys but instead, he wants to raise ducks. I said ok to the ducks, if we can even get them to hatch (we’re not sure how viable they are), so long as he promises that we’ll release them when they’re big enough to take care of themselves. We’ll take them back to the lake and make sure they get along with the other ducks. But seriously, they are so darn cute. Who wouldn’t want to raise one of these little guys?

Look at the little Blondie in the back cheeking it up for the camera. Aren’t they PRECIOUS? Match and I were both cooing over these little cuties. Momma Duck kept having to herd them back as they swam towards us to see what we were all about.

This blog entry full of cuteness was brought to you by Spring. 🙂



    How sweet!
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    Angela (MyBookBarn)

    How cute! Dropping by from SITS!
    .-= Angela (MyBookBarn)´s last blog ..Book Blogger Hope =-.


    Awwwww I loves!!!! Baby ducks are the cutest. 🙂


    Cute!! Hopefully the eggs will hatch. I couldn’t have said no either 🙂
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    One of The Guys

    OK, you’ll have to keep us posted on this. I hope they hatch.

    Once when I was a kid, a baby squirrel fell out of a nest and we took him home. My mom nursed the squirrel with an eye dropper and he survived. We took him back to the tree. I’m not sure what happened, whether he made it or he was eaten by the other squirrels.

    Good luck!
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    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    Oh my word, that is just so sweet!! I LOVE it and love that your husband wants to raise them. We used to take care of baby birds that fell out of the nest when I was a kid…always wanted a baby ducks…couldn’t ever convince my parents though. lol



    That is so freakin’ adorable! I hope they hatch. You will have to come up with cute little duckie names!
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