Post It Note Tuesday-Blue Mood

Dr. Wilson: What does the diary say?
Dr. House: It’s basically a list of her sexual encounters. Boys, girls, vibrating appliances.
Dr. Wilson: If it was you’d be quoting. That’s summarizing.
Dr. House: It’s a parade of sad banalities: can hardly get out of bed, feeling blue. Then, three months ago it turns into a parade of happy banalities: starting to turn the corner, job’s looking up.
Dr. Wilson: We can stop swabbing, her clichés are getting healthier. –House

I’m still smarting from issues with my manager last week. I still can’t believe she wanted me to just go through my own health care and not file a worker’s comp claim. Or better yet, just ignore the problem and deal with arthritis pain treatment for the rest of my life. But the good news is it’s Post it Note Tuesday and time to vent and let it all out!



    Ha! I relate to the “not feeling like your sunny self” part. Well, concentrate on the good things. I feel like you should start looking for another job. This one is really not doing so well by you…
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..How much is “too much” information? =-.

    Date Girl

    Thanks Kelly! I really want to find another job, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now as the main breadwinner of the family and saving for our wedding. I just keep telling myself, “just until the wedding”. After that, hopefully Match and I can move, or Match will find a better job. Fingers are crossed!


    So sorry there’s drama in your workplace. That’s never any fun!

    I hope you find your sunny self soon!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Confession Wednesday: Blogging Pet Peeves =-.


    I do hope you only have to hang in there up until the wedding. Seems like a sucky environment. Hang in there.
    .-= carma´s last blog ..Which Reminds Me =-.

    betty manousos

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my SITS DAY!


    Somehow I missed the story about work… and the workman’s comp…. I’m sorry! I know how much you LOVE (sense sarcasm) your job. I hope things are getting better. And I know its got to be hard adjusting to Match not being there…. hopefully he will get a better shift soon.

    I hope this coming week is better for you!
    .-= E´s last blog ..An Affair To….. Connect =-.

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