Finally Some Good News

Lane: So, what’s going on in the world?
Lorelai: Nothing…
Lane: Nothing?
Lorelai: Good. Nothing good. There’s absolutely nothing positive going on anywhere in the world. How could that be?
Lane: That’s why I don’t read the paper anymore.
Lorelai: You will mine. I am starting my own. The Good News Daily — nothing but good news every day.
Lane: Sounds good.
Lorelai: “No civil war in Canada” — big article. “Cars drive down road without incident” — front-page news. “Puppies — how cute are they?” In-depth exposé. And the subscription is free. How happy is that?
Lane: I’m in a better mood. –Gilmore Girls

This week has definitely taken a turn for the better. After a horrible Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday really cheered me up. First, the Law office called and said I wouldn’t need to come to trial after all. I did the happy dance all around my desk. Then, the insurance company of the woman who side swiped called and accepted full responsibility for the accident! The estimate I received from the body shop said the repairs would cost over $2900 just to buff out the scratches and repair the ding to the front fender. My little Ford Focus is not worth more than 3,500 in excellent condition, much less with the wear and tear plus over 100K of miles it has on it. So when the company asked if they could just send the check to me, it was all I could do not to scream HELL YES! The dent in the side of my car is fairly small, and purely cosmetic. The scratches can be buffed out. I looked into the laws, and apparently it’s perfectly legal to take the money and not have the car fixed. So I’m taking the money and putting it towards our wedding fund. Honeymoon in Cancun here we come!!! 🙂 As my coworker said, maybe it happened for a reason.

That was the highlight of my week. Now I’m just hoping and praying that Match gets that call back from the Sheriff department and gets to the background check of the hiring process. If he does, then I can start taking gmat prep courses, or study for my CSET and finally start working towards a different career. Keep your fingers crossed for him! I know he wants this so badly, and it would mean a real career and a real future for the both of us. These nights with him gone all the time are really starting to get to both of us. On the up side, he has a day training all day Friday, so he gets Friday night off. His first weekend night off in over a month! I think we’re going to make plans to go out with Chandler, LAX and Baker Chic. Then I’ve got a potluck to go to, and it’s Couple Baby’s first birthday this Sunday! Can’t wait for the weekend! What do you guys have planned?



    Glad to hear your GOOD news. What a difference a DAY makes!!!! It really does. Like I’ve had surgery & totally almost died. And, then the next day I made a “miraculous recovery”. I always remember this stuff when things look bleak. Now I can add your story to the list. Have a good weekend with Match. Yea.


    Enjoyed this. You have a nice way with words.
    .-= Fishy´s last blog ..The Midget and the Dancefloor Stiffy =-.


    good luck match! and congrats to you, date girl! isn’t it nice to receive unexpected money?? open up an ingdirect savings acct and let it collect interest (albeit not much, but more than a reg savings).

    have a great weekend. i hope it’s a fun one 🙂
    .-= phoebe´s last blog ..the new digs. =-.

    Date Girl

    Thanks ladies! And Phoebe, yes we have an ING account-love it!

    One of The Guys

    Well this is good news! Congrats. And yes, good luck to Match. Fingers crossed from THE GUYS!

    I hope you’ll at least take some of the money and go out and celebrate just the two of you!

    Plans: Coaching basketball game, pizza party, blogging, party, visit my stepson, in-laws coming in town. Practice. Exercise.

    Crazy weekend……unfortunately they all are! But I like them too.
    .-= One of The Guys´s last blog ..The Looming Forest =-.

    Brittany E.

    Woot! Cancun is going to be so awesome! That sounds like enough for a nice resort or you taking a cruise? I need some Mexican beach time. stat.
    .-= Brittany E.´s last blog ..Past Blast-Weeble, Wobble Edition =-.


    I’m glad your week got better!! Great news about the insurance ~ Show everything happens for a reason sometimes. Also I gave you an award! Hope that helps make the weekend good to! 🙂
    .-= E´s last blog ..Girl’s Night =-.


    Woah! Things are definitely looking up for you! That’s so fantastic about the check from the insurance company…what a stroke of luck!
    .-= Salt´s last blog ..It’s time to own up to my addiction. =-.

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