Post It Note Tuesday-Crappy Week



    I’m sorry about the accident and I hope that you’re ok!
    As far as that jerkface lawyer is concerned…WTF. I hope every day after today is much MUCH better!
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    Sorry about the bad week! And the car accident yesterday. I’ve been dealing with some crazy driver lately…almost been hit at least three times. Maybe if you bring in donuts and throw them at the opposing attorney you’ll feel better? 🙂
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    Wow, who is this guy?? I guess he’s not a good lawyer if he has to resort to the whole “you must be sleeping with him” argument. Anyway, sorry about your tough week so far. Tomorrow you’re over the hump…
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    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    Oh man, I’m so sorry!! I want to just tear down your post-its. And here I was just complaining about being called for jury duty.



    I’m sorry! Hope the rest of the week goes better!


    ugh. piggy men s*ck.

    hope your week turns around for the better!
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    One of The Guys

    I’m sorry! This sounds damn stressful.

    Arrogant Lawyers suck. Actually, arrogant people suck, but so many happen to be lawyers. And now that’s a question worth asking. What’s up with that?

    Good luck. I hope the week improves from here.
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    Frantic Holly

    That is a rough start to the week. Hopefully it means the rest of the week will be smooth. Like a notice that an appearance won’t be needed.
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    Oooooooooooh my my my … 🙁 I hate Lawyers too…… unless they are giving me money, and since that never happens, I hate lawyers……

    Replying to your comment, yes I really called it Hair Jiz… LOL… I’ve called it that for a long time. I did get him hair jiz today though.. ROFLMBO!
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    God, what a week. Sorry about the accident. I’m not real fond of lawyers myself, however one of my best friends is one.
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