The Weekend of Lockouts

Monica: Why are we standing here?
Rachel: We’re waiting for you to open the door, you’ve got the keys.
Monica: No I don’t.
Rachel: Yes you do. When we left, you said, “Got the keys.”
Monica: No I didn’t. I asked,  “Got the keyees?”
Rachel: No you didn’t you said, got the keyyys.
Chandler: Does anyone have the keys? –Friends

This past week I feel like my brain has been in a fog. I’m not a forgetful person. I’m a Virgo. I’m organized to a fault. So when I found myself without my keys twice in two days, I was flabbergasted that I could be so scatterbrained! The first time I wasn’t entirely to blame. We were headed up to Match’s parents’ house and we were in a hurry. Match had grabbed the keys so I locked the door as I left the house. Then we were both battling with Monkey who wouldn’t get into his carrier and thought running around and playing a game of chase was a much better idea. We wrestled him into the carrier, and I immediately closed the hatchback. It locks automatically when you shut it. A nice little feature, until now. Apparently in his haste, Match had thrown the keys down…inside the car, underneath Monkey’s carrier. So I came along and shut the door, locking us out! Luckily Match has Triple A roadside assistance that includes a locksmith. The locksmith cracked up when he got there and asked who was to blame. We smiled and said it was a group effort. We were able to laugh it off and we weren’t that late to dinner, and it wasn’t a hot day so Monkey was fine in the car.

Friday was a different story altogether. It started out with Match mentioning that I should call Chandler and go out for a drink. Chandler is Match’s birthday twin and a really fun guy. He’s engaged too, and his fiancee is going to school in Scotland, so he spends his evenings alone too. Since he’s a good buddy of Match and engaged, he was a nice safe bet for a drinking buddy for the evening. I was running late so I left the duplex in a hurry. It was so funny because I was so concerned with making sure I had everything. I remember checking twice to be sure I had my credit card, my ID, and my phone. Then I kissed Monkey goodnight, locked the door, and headed out. About two steps to my car I smacked myself on the forehead and muttered, “Shit!”. I realized I had walked out the door without my keys. Complete idiot moment.

I called up Match and he was amazed that I could have locked myself out of the house after all the fuss with the car and the keys from the night before. He suggested I call our neighbors since we’re friends and see if I could spend the night there. I called, and they said it was no problem, and insisted I still meet up with Chandler for drinks. Our neighbors are amazing, can I just tell you? I seriously love them. So off I went, Chandler swinging by to pick me up and laughing at me for being a jackass.

We got to the bar and decided to play a game of dice. Then we both realized we knew absolutely nothing about playing dice with only two people, so we settled for talking. We’ve hung out a few times, but always in big groups. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little one on one time with friends and get to know what they’re all about. Chandler regaled me with stories about him and his fiancee, and believe it or not, we even talked about weddings! I learned a lot about his fiancee, who we’ll just call Monica. As it turns out, her birthday is only a week before mine! How weird is that?

We had an interesting talk about how poor Chandler always seems to have trouble with platonic girl friends. As a girl whose always had more guy than girl friends I could completely relate. His issue was that a lot of these girl friends tended to develop feelings for him. I told him it must be his personality type because I know Match has the same problem. I told him about how there’s a girl at his new job that I playfully call Match’s Work Girlfriend. She’s never full on come on to him, but it’s painfully obvious from Match’s stories that she likes him. I’m not worried about it, because I know he’s fully committed to me. I just think it’s funny how nice guys like Match and Chandler get these girls that fall for them, and most of the time they’re clueless. Chandler laughed and said he had taken a long time to figure out that a girl likes him, and then he feels terrible and has to stop hanging out with them. Luckily Monica is a really understanding fiancee and deals with these girls like a champ.

As we were talking about this problem of opposite sex friends and developing crushes, I couldn’t help but think my own lockout incident could have been so awkward. Imagine if my neighbors hadn’t been home that night? What if I had to tell Chandler, whom I’d asked out for drinks, that I locked myself out and had to sleep on his couch? How much of a come on would that have sounded like? Oh, I “accidentally” locked myself out. Of course as we get to know each other and hang out more, he’ll know I’m completely committed to Match, but at this point he really didn’t know me all that well, so that could have been a really awkward. I told Match about my train of thought the next day and he cracked up so hard! He knows about Chandler’s problem with lady crushes, and he thought the whole problem with the keys was hilarious. Needless to say, the minute I got up on Saturday, I went and had a hide a key made! 😉



    I always had more/better guy friends than girl friends when I was younger. (Now it seems like I just have married friends – what’s with that – I’m married, so no single people want to hang out) It only got awkward a couple of times when I realized that teddy bear of a guy I loved like a brother had, um, different feelings. Awkward.
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    Oh yeah – I stopped by from SITS – love your site!
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    Ok, I’ve been doing this lately too—and I NEVER forget my keys, phone, purse, etc. I left my phone at a restaurant, keys inside the house. Nightmare. Anyway, I totally sympathize. I don’t know why I’ve been forgetful either—I’m a publicist so it’s my JOB to be organized and remember things!!
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    Brittany E.

    That is the worse, I bet all you wanted was to come home and sleep in your own bed. I think it is awesome to have the kind of relationship where you can go out without your significant others and not be jealous. Thats the best.
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    Wow that could have so been a disaster! glad it worked out so well! Maybe its this time of year! I’ve been scattered to here lately.

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