Wedding Dress Shopping-Round 2

I had an outdoor wedding. February 12th, I’ll never forget…I had the most beautiful white flannel wedding dress, it even had feet sewn in. -Rose, The  Golden Girls

Last weekend I went for my second round of wedding dress shopping. I actually enjoyed this a lot more. It was just me and Baker Chic, and I think having just one other person was better than having two. Plus, Outdoor Girl has been quite the Debbie Downer lately, so it was nice going with someone more upbeat. Couple Wife and I are going for round 3 and that should be fun too.

The experience at the second shop was a little bit better than the first time I went. This shop was huge! There were walls and walls of dresses, almost an overwhelming amount to choose from. We also had a private showing area, which was so nice. Instead of trying on dresses in front of tons of strangers, it was just me, the attendant, and Baker Chic.

Now before I get to the pictures, I have to start by saying this second shop was too expensive, so I am not going to buy anything from them. It was a great place to get more ideas, and I’ve definitely narrowed it down to what I really like. So with that, here is the first dress:

Here’s the first dress I tried on. It was beautiful-and way over budget. I also think the pattern was a little too busy for my taste. I think if I were getting married in a church or indoors, this would be the perfect dress.

That said, this second dress was a little too plain.

The third dress was both my and Baker Chic’s favorite. The one thing we didn’t like was the material.

It was tafeta, and so it makes a sound when you walk, sort of like a tent. It felt cheap, but the price tag was still hefty! Ideally I would like satin, or organza rather than tafeta. For a summer wedding, I’d probably pick tafeta because it’s the lightest. But for fall, I think satin would be great. Plus it feels so smooth!

I love the back of the dress. The lace up style is by far my favorite. It’s amazing how much it can suck in all those spots I hate so much. Looking at these pictures again I’m so glad I’m going back to the gym. Say no to back fat!

Ok, onward to dress #4. This one was just funny to me. I feel like the designer just stopped. It’s like the top half is one dress, and the bottom is another. What the heck?

Also, the way this dress billowed out, I felt like a circus tent!

There were more dresses in between, but we didn’t bother to take pictures because they were terrible.

Here’s one that’s interesting. I liked it, except for the top. Why is there half a bow? The attendant kept saying how I could fix it, but if I’m going to pay their prices for a dress, shouldn’t it be fixed already? Half a bow? I don’t like bows period, but why half? So confused.

I should point out that I’m also in love with ruching, which I loved on this dress. The back was blah though, and the price tag was $$$.

Here’s a close up of the bow. WHY?! The rest of the dress is really beautiful. Some of the pattern did feel a little Christmas-y too. Don’t they look a little bit like snow flakes?

So it’s on to round 3. I’m going to David’s Bridal on Sunday with Couple Wife. I’m excited because I think this third time might be the charm. Now that I have a great idea of what I want (ruching, lace up back, satin, some form of A line) I think it will be easier. And David’s Bridal has great prices because they’re a chain store. I just hope I won’t feel too much like cattle being herded through. I’m tired just thinking about wrestling through more dresses. It’s exhausting!!

How many places did you go before you found your dress? Did you find the experience fun or tiring like me? For those of you who haven’t walked down the aisle, do you have a picture of the dress you want in your mind?



    Honestly, I found the dress I wanted online and I tried on 5 other dresses at their store and knew that the first one I saw (the one I found online) was actually the one. It was the one that made my mom cry (twice) and anyone who saw it just knew it was ‘me.’

    Good luck with all of your shopping!!

    Stopping by from SITS
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    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    Beautiful dresses. I love the taffeta one as well, but I hear ya on the sound it makes when you walk around in it.

    I got married 14 years ago and I was 19. I didn’t have any money and was in love with a very expensive dress. I ended up renting it for pennies on the dollar! It was brand new and never been worn. I knew that if I did have a daughter one day that she most likely wouldn’t want to wear it since styles change. Shoot, now that I look back on it, I wouldn’t even want to wear it again! ha! It was VERY 1990’s. ha!

    Can’t wait to hear how David’s goes! Hang in there…the perfect dress is just waiting for you!

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    I like the 4th picture best I think 🙂 I agree with all your comments on them. One piece of advice look online at Davids Bridal before you go so that you can have several style numbers already in mind! Have fun 🙂


    I think the last one is the most flattering but I’m not sure about the bow!! Have you thought about trying one that isn’t strapless? Think you could get one with nice straps and a sweetheart neckline that would flatter you a lot x
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    i actually bought the first dress i tried on, at the first store i went to.
    i tried on others but i just kept going back to that first one.

    honestly, i didn’t want to spend too much time dress shopping because i’m neurotic and i knew i’d just get crazier and crazier. =)

    if you’re looking for a custom hair accessory for your wedding, let me know!
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    One of The Guys

    Dress number 3 for sure! Without a doubt….front and back!

    Hope you can fine one at a more reasonable price. It’s hard to spend lots of money on something you’ll wear once, BUT, it is kind of a special day! 🙂

    Love seeing all the pics and hearing about the wedding prep. Yes, I said it! It reminds me of my engagement, wedding and days preceding. Treasures to remember, even amidst the stress.

    Of course, I didn’t have to buy a dress. My wife might say different.
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    Bella Lucia Photography

    Good luck with choosing! My Favorite wedding gown designer is Maggie Sottero. She has some amazing gowns at a fraction of the cost of the BIG name designers and they are made just as well. Check out her website for some inspiration if you haven’t already!

    PS: If you need a wedding photographer, I’m your gal!! I travel and all that good stuff!

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    I actually really like the dress! The bow reminds me of my favorite pair of heels..they’re brown and the left shoe has the left party of a bow, and the right shoe has the right part of a bow, and when you stand with your feet close together they make a full bow…but it’s very classy, not floofy. It’s more like a “tie” I guess.

    That being said…I think if you’re having an outdoor wedding and are on a budget, the simpler, the better!! You’re going to shine in the simplest of dresses =)
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    My dress came from David’s Bridal. I hope you have good luck there.
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    Hello there, I saw where on SITS this morning, you posted don’t just say stopping by from SITS, shouldn’t it be related to the post and I could not agree more. It gets a little old. Yes, thank you for stopping by but don’t make me feel like you didn’t read what I wrote. Ok, anyway, moving on I really like the dress with the 1/2 bow as well but like you said minus the 1/2 bow. I know you’ll find the perfect dress and you’ll feel perfect in it! If you want, check out our DIY wedding tips when you get a chance, I think you’ll like them!

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