Rewind Weekend-December 5, 1999

Jack: That’s a sharp tie you’ve got there, Dennis.
Dennis: That douchebag up front made me wear it.
Jack: Does he know you’re the Beeper King?
Dennis: I don’t think so.
Liz: This is clearly the nicest restaurant we’ve ever been to.
Dennis: Hold on a second, this place ain’t that nice, alright. It’s got rats and roaches like every other restaurant.
Liz: No rat talk tonight, okay.
Dennis: [to Jack] You know there are 17 million rats per person in Manhattan. You eat a pound of rat crap every year without even knowing it, huh?
Jack: I think I read about that in The New Yorker. [pause] Um, anyway, we’ll leave you two to your meal. I hope you enjoy the choices that you’ve made. –30 Rock

Here’s another installment from my early journal entries. Again my commentary is in pink. This one is kind of exciting. This is about when I started dating Metal Head. He was quite the tool, but I thought he was like, so dreamy. Previously I was dating a guy from out of town, but only for a few months. The way I wrote it, you’d think we’d been together for years. 😉

*Change of heart. Hard decisions. One relationship ended, another being born. A hard decision, but the right one.* –Another being born? Seriously?

Today I broke up with blahblah. Any How I Met Your Mother fans out there? He wasn’t that significant so he’s not worthy of a nickname. I felt really bad, but I was tired of denying myself. I’d be kidding myself practically from the first date with blahblah. We have nothing in common, and it was beginning to be more of a chore than a relationship. So I ended it. He took it really well. I’m glad because hurting him was the last thing I wanted to do. That was Wednesday.

Now let’s move forward a little. Thursday was a blissful day. My burden had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt free. Ouch, god I was kind of a callous bitch eh? The first thing that happened that morning was a big ol’ hug from the no longer forbidden fruit, Metal Head. MH was all smiles when I told him I was single. The next day I was thisclose to getting my license. But stupid person that I am, I forgot my permit. But no worries, I have an appointment for Tuesday. Wow, I’ve definitely developed the OCD later in life. I would never forget something like that now! Also, the DMV was 30 minutes away. I bet my mom was so pissed at me!

After that, I had a good time Christmas shopping with Miss PHD. We’re still friends! She’s coming to our wedding; love that girl. That evening we tripped over to Kelley’s to see Metal Head. He was all smiles. We left, and he escorted me to PHD’s car. My brother had spazzed that day and was mad at the notion of us. This made me think Metal would forget the whole thing. Metal Head, called such because of his lovely taste in metal music, gross, was good friends with my older, super protective brother. I asked Metal if it was worth it, and he grinned and said “hell ya it is”. That was unbelievable to me. Usually friends rule the minds of their other friends, but Metal’s not that way. So fast forward to Saturday. MH calls around noon. I invited him over, he graciously accepted. When he walked in, I led him to the living room amist the music of Korn that was blaring. Yeah…I was that girl. The girl who changes her taste in music for a guy. This was the beginning of my “punk rock” phase. It was very tame, oober white chick of me. I look back on the pictures of me and CRINGE. I hugged him and made the mistake of looking into those amazing eyes. I was hooked! 🙂 We kissed. Then mom showed up, ruining my fun. I thought she’d freak cause she’d warned me about getting involved. She was ok with it though. So Metal Head and I strolled to my room, where we talked, and enjoyed some smooching. Then he was obliged to go home, but he came back. We had fun. That night I hung out with my gals. Now to today. Metal Head called and we went to NB [next biggest town over from my tiny town, where all the kids hung out]. Looked around, visited, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. He’s so deep it blows me away. Come back here, did some more smooching and had another intriguing conversation. This guy? The metal rock bass playing, Korn and Marilyn Manson loving freak was deep? Yeah..about as much as a kiddy pool. Oh Teen Date Girl…you have so much to learn!



    How cute!! You sound like a normal teenage girl to me. Maybe some teens today could learn from your experience. (I love the “smooching” part.)
    .-= Meghan´s last blog ..ACCESS AMERICA TRAVEL INSURANCE =-.


    Oh how at the time the guy seems cool but later we look back and ask ourselves… “What was I thinking?”!!
    .-= E´s last blog ..Open Mouth Insert Foot =-.

    One of The Guys

    Is this hard to read these old journal entries, or is it amusing for you? I think I would have a hard time reading mine. Actually, I’m much more curious to know what I was like when I was 5-10.

    But your entries are funny and your commentary is funnier! Metal Head!! OMG! All of us are guilty of changing opinions, views or whatever for “love.” I remember the day I decided to stop doing that. It was liberating to know that I just didn’t give a shit anymore. Take me or leave me baybee!
    These are fun!
    .-= One of The Guys´s last blog ..The Rules of Exaggeration! =-.


    I love reading old journal entries…it’s like seriously?? What was I thinking??? Anyway, thanks for the post. I’ve changed musical preferences several times for guys…past the teenage years. Ugh, i know.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Dating Detox? =-.

    Brittany E.

    Haha I love these, I can’t believe you didn’t marry MetalHead right on the spot, he sounds like a superstar 🙂 I never changed my taste in music for a guy, but I hid my taste from a few. So I so get that!
    .-= Brittany E.´s last blog ..Bring Me Your Repetitive, Dreaded, and Mundane Tasks =-.

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