Escort Cards and Free Weekends

Ray Barone: You’re already planning the wedding?
Debra Barone: I’ve been planning it since I was 12.
Ray Barone: But you didn’t meet me until you were 22.
Debra Barone: Well, you’re the last piece of the puzzle. –Everybody Loves Raymond

Now that Match has started up his graveyard shift, Friday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that it normally did. I’ll be alone for most of the weekend, because during the day Match will be sleeping, and at night he’ll be working. I’m no stranger to the alone weekends. When we first started dating, Match was gone at academy all the time, so this isn’t much different. And this way I at least get him for dinner!

So what is a girl to do with this sudden boost in free time? I could hit the treadmills at the gym. I definitely need to get to the gym more often. So far I’ve managed to work out 3 days per week, but if I want to get in wedding shape, I need to kick it up a notch.

I also have some plans to reorganize the duplex, a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for awhile now. And then there is also the wedding planning. I’m at a spot right now where there isn’t a lot of pressing things to do to prepare except save money. I’m toying with the idea of starting the cleaning business back up part time, but I don’t know if I’m that bored yet.

It’s funny-I felt like I had all these things to do for the wedding, and it was like rush rush rush, but now I’m at a lull. I think it’s kind of the calm before the storm, but this weekend I can’t think of a single thing that has to be done. I may try to work on table numbers and escort cards. I’ve found some fun ideas online like this:

Which ones do you guys like, or other ideas for the table settings? I think I may start on this part of the wedding planning because it could be time consuming. Then again I don’t know if everyone is coming, so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Did you use escort cards at your wedding, or did you let everyone seat themselves? Did you go one further and have place cards at each table?

Oh, and on another note, Couple Wife messaged me offering to host my bridal shower. Yay! So I am excited about that. And Baker Chic offered to help her out, and she’s going dress shopping with me towards the end of this month. Can’t wait!



    I’m so excited about your bridal shower!!

    How many guests are you going to have because that may make a difference in the set up.

    There is definitely a lull but when you get closer it will be more like a sprint.
    .-= Dandy´s last blog ..Kayaking to the Carvings, Taupo =-.


    I’m so excited about your bridal shower!!

    How many guests are you going to have because that may make a difference in the set up.

    There is definitely a lull but when you get closer it will be more like a sprint.

    Sarah Beth

    Such a cute blog! And cute place markers, too! I like all of them. Thanks for stopping by yesterday!
    .-= Sarah Beth´s last blog ..Flyin’ first class, up in the sky =-.


    Oh, I know exactly what you mean about Fridays losing their luster when your guy isn’t around. My fiance is a musician and has these rehearsals in another city all day on Friday and Saturday, so I’m spending lots of weekends on my own, doing wedding things because I am so excited as well!

    When is your wedding?

    Date Girl

    Thanks Dandy! Yes I’m so excited too. Couple Wife throws great parties so it’ll be a blast. We’re expecting about a 100 guests for the reception. Aren’t those ideas adorable? I’m leaning towards the pumpkins, but I don’t want it to feel like halloween since it is fairly close.

    Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by the blog! The wedding is October 22nd of this year. 🙂


    Holy cow…I guess I have been on hiatus WAYYYYYY too long…you’re getting married!
    Congrats!!! How freaking exciting!!! Well, I’m still single — LOL — disposed of yet another boyfriend — one that owned teacup dogs he dressed in sweaters. Yeah, don’t ask…

    I am so happy for you!
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    So glad they are going to throw you a shower! I like the 2nd picture. But if your trying to save money I would just let people set themselves. Yes it looks nice having the place cards, but depending on the size of the wedding those simple things could add up to money you could put towards something else. Just an idea though… 🙂
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