Match and the Graveyard Shift

Cheerleader: I am never gonna be captain again!
Callie: You know, I was… I was fired from a job recently-
Cheerleader: You were fired from being a doctor and they let you cut open my ass?!
Callie: Okay, shut your trap for eight seconds and let me finish. I didn’t get fired from being a doctor, I got fired from being being like, well our version of squad captain. Which is mostly about organizing crap… not about surgery.
Cheerleader: So?
Callie: So, I got to go back to the part that I like… which is kind of a gift. –Grey’s Anatomy

Match started his new job this week, and the good news is we’re both thrilled to have him working again. The bad news is his schedule is completely opposite of mine. He’s working nights and doesn’t come home til I’m already at work. It could be worse-at least this way we do get to eat dinner together and visit a bit before he’s out the door at 10 to make his commute to work, right as I’m getting ready for bed.

It’s hard not sleeping next to him, but so far we’ve been managing. I think the worst part of it was finding out that we don’t have any days off together. His days off are midweek, and mine are the weekend. Still, it could be worse. It could be the military schedule where I might not see him for weeks at a time. So I’m looking at the positive. Also, this is a temporary job. When I start to get sad that we won’t be able to plan to do things together on the weekends, I remind myself that it won’t be like this forever. We’re still talking about moving somewhere else after the wedding, and then who knows what will happen. We’ve talked about moving anywhere from Oregon to Wyoming, to Texas. If we did head that way, I’d check out Fort Worth property management for a good place to live.

Getting used to the new schedule at home has been tough, and then to top it off work was really stressful for a couple of days. On Tuesday I exchanged a few emails with my manager, and by the end of it, I thought I was in major trouble and might be getting the ax. It turns out I was just being mellow dramatic, but it still freaked me out.

Bottom line was this: they offered me a “promotion” that would increase my commute to two hours, cause a lot of stress because I’d be working in San Francisco training with a coworker, getting home hours later than usual (cutting down on my already limited time with Match) and the kicker? I wouldn’t be getting a raise. That’s right, zip, zero, zilch. So I came home in kind of a furry because I didn’t know what to do. How do you politely decline such a grand offer? Can you hear the sarcasm folks?

Now as you all know, I am not that happy with my job, but a new stressful schedule isn’t going to change that. I don’t actually mind my job when it’s busy. I love helping my clients, and my clients love me. I don’t want to do it forever though. I just felt like taking this next step would push me further and further into a career I already feel stuck in. I guess it’s nice to know they don’t want to lose me, but giving me a fake promotion with no real benefits to me is a weak sauce way of keeping me on board, don’t you think?

I’m hoping I can make this job last until after the wedding, or until Match gets a job that will support the both of us (while I look for something I really want), whichever comes first. As much as I may complain about the job, having all the free time right now is really helpful with the wedding planning. Plus I’ve had a lot more time for this blog, and for keeping up with you, my dear bloggy friends. Now if I could somehow manage to support myself on that and planning my wedding…well, that would be living the dream wouldn’t it?

Have you ever been offered a “promotion” where you really got nothing out of it?



    talk about a “non promotion” with a two hour commute. Bet it didn’t require too much thought to make that decision. hang in there…

    Jason & Jennifer

    Hey, remember us? We’re back!

    I (Jason) definitely know what you mean. When I was working my old job, and when Jen was working her new job, we saw each other sometimes only minutes per day. We do pretty much everything together, so not seeing each other that often is rough.

    About the promotion part — I quit my old job and got a new job not because it would be a promotion nor because it paid better nor had better hours. It was both an hourly wage cut and an hour cut. Making a quarter of what I used to. But it’s doing something I love doing, so much that it doesn’t feel like work, but play. So my only suggestion would be to do something you really love and feel passionate about. At the end of life, we don’t really think, “Wow I had such a stable job!” or “It was nice to afford so many luxuries!” The most significant memories were the moments we took a step in a better direction.

    Well, good luck to the both of you. I really hope you find something you enjoy doing and can further your relationship in the midst of it =)

    ~ Jason and Jennifer
    the mismatched pears

    Brittany E.

    I was so worried for you, but i dont think its very fair to offer a promotion that makes you commute so much without a raise. its more like a demotion.
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    Ok the fake promotion, got to be honest! Tell them your flattered but with all that is going on outside of work at the moment (wedding,etc) you just can’t commit to that extra commute. Be nice and act flattered. They will take it fine.

    Glad Match has a job but the hours suck! But you will get thru it, and it could always be worse!

    And as far as moving goes… I love Fort Worth!! I have never lived there but it is one of my favorite places to visit!


    That doesn’t sound like a promotion at all! My dad has worked second and third shift for 20+ years and I know how hard it has been on my parents. But they make the best of it. The craziest part was, he changed companies and still ended up with the wacky shifts. So sorry to hear about the tough schedule. My husband worked in CA for the first year of our marriage, and we tell ourselves that we are stronger for it. You can do anything for a while, right?!

    Good luck!

    Stopping by from SITS.
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    Well, I hate to play “Devil’s Advocate” here but in this job environment that we now have it’s expected that employers give you more responsibility before they actually promote you. If you were to take that “promotion”, then you could always use it to springboard to a better position, at a better paying job, at a better company.

    You never really know what small steps will lead to a better path.

    Also, my son just moved to that area. He says that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a billionaire there. Think about it. It could lead to something you actually want to do (that will pay lots of money).

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