Valentine’s Day is Coming Up

He proposed on a Valentine’s Day, although he didn’t do it face to face, he did it in one of the little Valentine bits in the paper. I think he had to pay for it by the word, because it just said “Lee love Dawn, marriage?” which you know, I like, because it’s not often you get to something that’s both romantic and thrifty. -Dawn, The Office

I can’t believe how fast January has gone by. It’s almost February, which means both Match’s birthday and Valentine’s Day are coming up. With Match still being out of work, any sort of gift giving event has become a sore subject. I want to do something nice for him, but I also don’t want him to feel guilty. We thought he’d have started his new job by now, but they’re really giving him the run around. Three weeks for a background check just to be a security guard/EMT? WTF?! Grrr….anyways…

I’m throwing him a birthday party which he is excited about, and I’ve agreed not to do a big gift. I know time and having fun together is more important than gifts. Still, it goes against my nature to not make a fuss and get him something he’ll love on his birthday.

Valentine’s Day on the other hand, has never been that big of a holiday for me. I always felt that it was kind of forced, and I’ve never had that great of an experience. Last year’s mellow stay at home Valentine’s Day with Match was definitely one of my favorites. I don’t want Match to feel like he needs to take out a cash advance at his new job just to please me on Vday. I think private dance lessons from him in our living room (preparing for that dreaded first dance!) or even a drive out to the coast together would be the best present he could give me. Now I’ve just got to come up with my own homemade gift for him.
Anyone out there have a great Valentine’s Day story? I’d love to hear it!


    One of The Guys

    My best Valentine’s Day was in 1997, the year I met my wife to be.

    I was playing a gig and I had just met her at a party. I told her about the gig and she came with two guys. A very pleasant surprise, but I thought, “OH well, one of those guys is her boyfriend.” But somehow it worked out. Once I got to know the other guys I realized I never had anything to worry about. But I was shitting bricks for a long time thinking she wasn’t interested. And of course after thinking about it, “Who would bring their date to a gig of a guy they just met?”
    I might give good advice to other people, but sometimes I’m clueless.

    As far as your Valentine’s Day. Yes, time with you is number one!!!
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    Like you V-day never tends go as well as expected but I have hopes that this year will be different! Ok so now for gifts…. hmmmm. maybe pack a picnic for you, Match, and of course Monkey to take down to the beach to enjoy. Just do something nice you enjoy doing together. I think Marine and I are going hiking…. just spending time together is what will make it a great day, not how much money is spent!! Also get creative and make a home-made card. I have a bunch of scrapbook stuff laying around so I used stickers, etc (cause I can’t draw) to make a card. Or if you get really brave, take some sexy pictures of yourself in lingerie or something and give to him 😉
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    We are a very unromantical couple so Valentines is not a big deal for us. Especially with the wedding coming up so soon, we won’t be spending any money on gifts. I think last year we got carry out Chinese and wine and watched movies, which is really more our style. 🙂
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    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    I totally don’t have any good Vday stories. Our anniversary is in Feb and so that always takes priority over Valentine’s. Plus, I’m just not huge on Vday anyhow. I’m more of a “send me a card and chocolates on a random day of the year” kinda girl.
    heh heh

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    hahaha…. good luck! i’ve never had good luck with this holiday (often referred to as ‘just another day of the week’). i’m a card girl. i would much rather receive a great card with a wonderful handwritten message in it than flowers that will die in a matter of days. perhaps a stuffed animal to go with said card would also be nice, hahaha.

    since the boy won’t be in town until the 17th, i’m sure our ‘special dinner’ will consist of take out that will be eaten in between painting the new place… and that is perfectly fine with me. it’s just about being with that special person.

    i can’t wait to hear how you spent your day with match 🙂
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    Tina Lane

    The Hubs and I started a V Day Fondue Pajama Party tradition back when we needed to save some dough. So we put on our cute jammies, make fondue, drink champagne and make some decadent dessert for ourselves. For some reason we love it. Oh, and I make a LOVE CD.

    Stopping by from SITS.
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