Wedding Venues and Setting a Date

I hate the bride thing. I hate the pictures in the magazines of the girl with the veil…and the flowers that she’s sniffing. Like it never occurred to her to put her nose in there until there was a camera pointed at her. I hate the idea of bridesmaids…and the colors…and does the bustle make my ass look bigger or smaller. I hate the whole thing and I never wanted to be that girl. That girl is stupid… and shallow. So why the hell is that girl’s thoughts running through my head? -Izzie, Grey’s Anatomy

Hello my blogging buddies. There hasn’t been a whole lot going on for me except wedding planning. I just want to apologize ahead of time for how much I’m talking about the wedding, but honestly, that’s the only thing we talk about at home too! I never thought I would be that girl, and I apologize! Work has been extremely slow so I’ve been filling my time with browsing the endless wedding sites online. This past weekend Match finally got into the act and went venue hunting with me.

I think once we find a venue and set the date all the rest of the planning will be so much fun. I can’t wait to create and mail out save the date cards. Then I can start getting your ideas and help for decoration ideas, color schemes, and more. I was thinking it would be fun to get you all into the planning with me. I don’t have a bridal party, so can I go ahead and assume you guys are my unofficial wedding planning committee? 😉 What do you think?

So Saturday and Sunday Match and I went to two different wedding venues. The first was the upper scale place we would love to go, but it had major drawbacks besides the price. For one, it was located off a really windy road, and I’m concerned for anyone driving on it after a few drinks. Plus it’s kind of hard to find, and most of my guests are out of townies. Finally, they didn’t have a set price on drinks. It’s basically open tab and then we total it at the end. My Virgo over planning need to know every detail self just about screamed out loud when she said I wouldn’t have an exact figure. No WAY!

The second place…well Match loved it, but only because it was cheaper than anything we’d looked at so far. It’s still on our list for reception sites, but we both agreed there is no way in hell we’d get married there. For starters it’s on a golf course, but not set to the side. It’s literally right next to the driving range, and they don’t close it down. So someone could be hitting balls while we’re exchanging vows. Bleck. And it had this ugly gazebo. I just can’t picture myself getting married by a gazebo. No offense to anyone who has. It’s just not me.

The reception room is fine-it’s definitely a no frills place. But the price isn’t as low as I’d like for the way the room looks. It’s pretty ugly and they also schedule another wedding earlier in the day, so that only gives me an hour to set it up. I could probably transform any room into something decent, but in an hour?! It also smelled a bit like Padron cigars and stale cigarettes, like they used to smoke in the room but stopped. Ew. So like I said, it’s on the list, but definitely not my favorite place. It also had this wedding factory vibe to it, and in no way unique. Match and I aren’t super fancy, but we are unique and I don’t want a cookie cutter reception.

My idea is simple. I just want simple and nice-an outdoor ceremony, possibly near trees or live flowers, with no gazebos or cheesy archways. The reception just needs to some room for dancing, round tables for sitting and eating, and some decent food. It doesn’t need to be gourmet, just decent.  I wish we had a friend who had a large backyard that we could use. If only Match’s parents didn’t live on a major hill with little to no parking…

So the hunt continues. This weekend Match’s Mom and I are going to a Wedding Expo where they’ll have door prizes, cake tasting, vendors and caterers all in one spot. It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully I can get more of an idea from the expo, and maybe once Match’s Mom sees how much it all costs she’ll offer to help a little. We’re having dinner with his parents that night as well to discuss details. Talking money is always awkward, but it needs to be done before we get much further into the planning process.

Wish me luck, I can’t wait to set the date and move on to the fun part! How did you married folk choose your venue? Did you have a hard time or was it simple?


    One of The Guys

    Sounds fun! And stressful!

    We looked around at different venues and then I said, why don’t we get married at your parent’s house? I think my wife always wanted to do that so she was psyched when I suggested it. Of course she had to ask her parents, but it worked out great! They have a barn and field out back and that’s where we had the reception too. It was quite sweet actually.
    If you can’t do it at one of your homes, pick some place that feels like home. And I agree, those wedding factories just don’t cut it. You want something special just for you guys.
    You’ll figure it out I’m sure. Good luck!
    .-= One of The Guys´s last blog ..We don’t care what you do! =-.

    Bella Lucia Photography

    I love planning weddings… which is why I am a wedding photographer. I wish you the best of luck! When we picked our venue we focused on location, PRICE, size, and of course how the place looked. Also a big factor was what was included with the packages. For $58 a person we got the food, beverages(minus liquor), fresh floral centerpieces, champagne toast, dance floor…you name it just about. Also the hotel we chose was brand new and beautiful! You can see pictures from my wedding here:

    Happy Planning!
    .-= Bella Lucia Photography´s last blog ..Too Cute for Words and More Spa Fun! =-.


    No apologies! I LOVE hearing about other peoples’ wedding plans! I talk about mine an awful lot right now too, so there’s no shame in that. (At least I have no shame.)

    We had sort of an odd time picking the venue because we won’t actually see it until 4 days out from the wedding. So really we went resort shopping based on a set of criteria we had for a place to stay and figured that as long as we had the ocean as the backdrop everything would be fine. (I hope.)

    Good luck in your search!
    .-= Salt´s last blog ..One Word Wednesday =-.


    i am so excited for you. from what i’ve been told, you can make planning as fun or as stressful as you want. let it be fun. go with the flow. good luck with everything. i look forward to helping you out! 🙂


    Choosing a venue will probably be one of the hardest parts for me…good luck! You’ll find the perfect spot! And when it all comes down to it, you’ll have the rest of your lives to find other special spots together.

    Visiting you from SITS–have a great day!
    .-= Lora´s last blog ..Recipe of the Week: The "Perfect" Bloody Mary =-.


    I understand totally!!! We finally set a date, but everything else is up in the air. We want outside as well. Good luck! What about that park you went hiking at a while back?
    .-= E´s last blog ..Right Ring, Right Guy =-.



    I stumbled on your blog and I’m already hooked! I LOVE that you refer to you husband as “Match.” I met my guy on too and for a while he was in my phone as “Match Timmy.” Haha. Fast forward to now… we just got engaged about three weeks ago and I am starting to plan the wedding. It’s mega stressful and I don’t even know where to begin. I’m excited but am a little overwhelmed with how many details are involved. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I love your blog! 🙂

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