New Year’s Eve & Drama the Bitch

Max: Awww, this is the worst party ever.
Marge: Remember that New Year’s Eve party at Lenny’s? He didn’t even have a clock. –The Simpsons

New Year’s Eve this year was interesting. We started the night off by going to Match’s aunt’s house to celebrate with his parents, aunt and uncle and a few family friends. The food was delicious and the evening had a nice classy vibe. Everyone said their congratulations to us and it was so nice to receive such a warm welcome. My only complaint was that we dropped the ring off at the jeweler to be resized and he said it would take TWO WEEKS to get it back. I told the jeweler he should give out loaner rings to us newly engaged ladies because otherwise it’s just plain cruel. He laughed but I wasn’t joking.

So while everyone was giving their congrats they all asked to see my hand and of course I had nothing to show them except my grubby little fingers. I know I will be wearing the ring forever, but still! Here’s a pic that Match’s aunt took that shows Match letting everyone know he made a good choice. Good job honey!

After Match’s family get together we headed over to a party that Outdoor Guy invited us to. We weren’t really jazzed on the idea but we hadn’t hung out with Outdoor Guy since his breakup with Outdoor Girl. I should probably re-nickname them but then it will just get confusing for all of us. So off to the party we went. Everyone was dressed up which was fun…but that’s pretty much where the fun ended. Their whole group, which M and I thought we were slowly becoming a part of is just so damn cliquey. We felt like outcasts to all except a few people.

Then Drama Chick showed up, even though the party was at B’s house (B is her ex). The first thing she says to me is “Let me see it” and grabs my hand. But it wasn’t said in an enthusiastic way. It was said with complete venom and spite. She practically spit out the words. Then she roughly grabbed my hand as I mumbled that the ring was being resized. She just looked at me, rolled her eyes and stomped off. I stood their open mouthed looking at Match. He shrugged and mouthed bitch and we both laughed.

About an hour later Drama came back up to me all sugary sweet (and about 3 glasses of champagne deep) and asked for the proposal story. I told her and I watched as her eyes turned green with envy. She then offered to help out in any way and I had a hard time surpressing my urge to slap her. As if I would invite that fake ass girl to the happiest day of my life! Match absolutely detests her and I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad because when we first met I thought there was potential their for a friendship, but she is just too immature and selfish. Oh, she also spent the rest of the night complaining that it was awkward that she was there at her exe’s house. I wanted so badly to yell, “Then WHY did you come?!” I would never go to an exe’s party, it’s just weird. But this is Drama we’re talking about. She lives for this kind of thing.

The rest of the night was pretty dull but Match and I did get our New Year’s kiss in which was fantastic. As soon as the kiss was over we both agreed that it was time to split and we headed home.

It was a mellow night and neither of us drank much, but I was grateful that we didn’t party hard and end up curled on the porcelain tile in the bathroom. We got to sleep in on New Year’s and then spent the whole next day at his parents house.

I think next year it’d be fun to have a game night in or something else laid back like that. Right before our Oregon trip we met up with some of Match’s old high school friends and played Presidents and Assholes all night. I have to say that was a lot more fun. Maybe New Year’s Eve just has a lot of expectations that it will be “the best night of the year” and that’s why it’s normally a bit of a letdown. So what did you all do for NYE? Anyone get crazy?



    Drama sounds… annoying.

    i agree about the loaner rings! you should start your own business 🙂


    UGH I wish you had had your ring to show Drama!!! That would’ve shut her up for awhile I bet.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Engagement Fever and Friends Who Aren’t Who You Thought They Were =-.


    Stories like this are why I usually hate New Years! I’m glad yours at least ended well. And Drama Chick was def jealous! Your will have your ring back soon but Drama Chick will probably never have a ring…. Ok maybe that’s mean to say.

    And as far as my new years…. you got to read my blog. Lol

    Congrats again!! I’m so happy for you and Match!!

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