Wedding Registries Rock

Mimi: I’m still trying to figure out how to make our wedding registry vital to national security.
Stanley: You’re already planning our wedding registry?
Mimi: Oh, since I was twelve. And I’ve already taken off the list luxury items that we already have such as your Star Wars collectors’ glasses. –Jericho

I’m so excited to finally be able to fill out a wedding registry! Of course we still have to set the date, but when we do…we’re going to have so much fun picking out things for the registry. I just need to tell my practical Virgo side that it’s ok to register for pretty things, like serving platters and a new dinner set, instead of
allergy mattress covers or a vacuum (though I’d be happy with those too!). I love shopping off registries because you know the person you’re giving for actually wants these things. I want to try to avoid getting anything super weird-thanks for the baby maker blanket grandma! That’s not awkward at all…

I’m also planning on filling out a honeymoon registry, because besides a few kitchen wares there isn’t a whole lot we need. I don’t want to be tacky and ask for money, but the whole honeymoon registry seems like a great idea. I’ll blog more later about the honey moon we’re planning.

What about you wedded ladies out there? What did you register for? What weird gifts did you get that weren’t on the registry?



    It was sick how much fun I had running around with that little gun!


    Haha, I registered for a few dog toys! Also kitchen stuff (we’d lived together for a year and a half before our wedding, so we had most of the essentials already, too). I thought about a honeymoon registry, but found it too be too difficult- we went on a cruise and it seems like the things our guests could “register” to give us weren’t even things that were offered on our boat! Weird…
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    Haha!! The baby maker blanket! That reminds me of the movie The Proposal.

    Have fun registering! 😀 A little tip: have a plan before you go! Haha!
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    Brittany E.

    It was so hard to register because we already lived together, so we had all the essentials. We registered for things we really want like fun kitchen things. But I think a honeymoon fund is awesome, but I have to say we lived off Target gift cards for a year! It was awesome. I miss those gift cards.
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    Registering is the most fun thing about planning a wedding! And yes, you should make sure to have a good balance of pretty and practical. My fiance and I also wanted to register for our honeymoon so we registered with because they let you make a honeymoon fund and add whatever you want from any store, so you might want to check it out. Congrats and have fun registering!

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