Christmas Party in the City

Rodger Bailey: I’ve closed the surgery early, for Christmas!
Ben Harper: Are you totally insane? This is our busiest time of the year, all the cracked teeth from the nuts, the smashed mouths from all the office party punch ups. Yes, this is the dentist’s season to be jolly. –My Family

Sushi. Jazz. Alcohol. So. That was my work party this year. Its these once a year events that make me feel bad for wishing for a better career. I had such a blast at my company’s Christmas party! We had so many laughs-between my coworkers Santa hat and attached beard IMG_7181

to drinking far too much comped wine with my coworkers. I only wish we could have found a sitter for Monkey because we had fun and it was hard to come home. My coworkers had offered us a room at the hotel they were staying at, but it’s probably good that we didn’t. I woke up pretty hung over as it was!

This year we got to dress up and unfortunately we took very few pictures together. I’m kicking myself about it now. I guess we’ll just have to find another excuse to get all gussied up. Here are the two pictures we managed to take before leaving for San Francisco. IMG_7169IMG_7170

When we got to Yoshi’s Jazz Bar and Japanese Restaurant, I knew immediately that it was our kind of place. Match and I agreed it would be where we’d go on a date if we had that kind of clout. We got there really early, so we were able to pretend for about 20 minutes that we were on a date. We sipped on Irish coffees in the lounge and listened took in the sights.


Dinner was mouth watering deliciousness. Match and I are huge sushi fans, and this place put all other places to shame. We were served family style and there was more than enough food to go around. I think I ate my weight in scrumptious sushi. I definitely need some diet aids after the holidays. Imported Photos 00000

There was also Rib Eye Steak, Chicken, and for dessert, chocolate bon bons served while watching the jazz show. The jazz concert was great, except that a lot of us had already had our fair share of wine and food, couple that with sleepy jazz music…and I almost fell asleep! I loved the show, but it would have been better if there had been some dancing.

After the show a few coworkers including the owner of my company went to a nearby bar, where I had a dirty martini. IMG_7193This is not a good idea after an Irish coffee and multiple glasses of wine. It was also terrible and very very strong. Luckily I held it together long enough to not embarrass myself in front of my boss. Match informs me that we made it to the car before I started acting ridiculous. I sang Christmas carols, I drunk dialed people, and I even started this blog entry on the drive home. It was full of typos and I had to delete it, but you see readers, even when I’m completely housed, I still think of you! 🙂

When I woke up Sunday morning I had a throbbing headache and I was pretty concerned that I did something foolish. But Match just laughed and said I was pretty adorable drunk, and that the only thing I did was act happy and goofy. Whew. I think ‘ll be the DD for Couple Friends’ birthday party this Friday. I still have a headache.



    Sounds like a blast! (Not the headache part). I also have you an award 😉 stop by my page to claim it
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Blogger Awards! =-.


    Love your dress. Love your blog.
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..It’s A Wonderful World Wednesday: Texas Christmas =-.


    You are so lucky to have had a “real” holiday party! We had a luncheon in the basement of our newsroom yesterday with potluck dishes! It was fun, but I loooong to get dressed up like you got to!

    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (I see a giveaway!) =-.


    Hahaha glad you had a great time!! You both looked great. Love the dress and I think all the gym time is paying off. 😉
    .-= E´s last blog ..There’s Just Never Enough Time =-.


    that party sounds like so much fun. i wish i worked for company that threw cool holiday gatherings!


    i just started reading your blog, but i love it! so much that, i gave you an award! it’s on my blog. retrieve! 🙂
    .-= Kallay´s last blog ..Come on, Get Happy! =-.

    One of The Guys

    Sounds like a ball. Yoshis is a hip place for sure. That’s pretty cool that you got to have your work party there. Lucky you! And nice pics by the way.

    Side note: My band played at Yoshi’s about ten years ago on a little west coast jaunt. What an experience!!
    Sorry, I had to mention it! 🙂
    .-= One of The Guys´s last blog ..What Guys want for the Holidays! =-.


    I’ll tell you….you look pretty hot in that dress.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Advent – 7 Days left =-.

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