Match= Mr. Grinch

When you walk through the door does it feel like you’re being slapped in the face by Christmas? -Marshal, How I Met Your Mother

My Match is definitely my soulmate in many ways, except when it comes to Christmas. He doesn’t get into the decorating the way my family does and it bums me out sometimes. He loves the family time and togetherness that is Christmas, but he doesn’t do the music, doesn’t like giving gifts, and the worst crime of all? He doesn’t like to decorate the tree!!! GASP! Why am I still with him you ask? Well…despite these enormous flaws, I love him dearly and he is the best boyfriend a gal could ask for. But I do wish they made some sort of Christmas spirit drink, because I’d be spiking his nightcap with it let me tell you!

He says he’ll get into the spirit when we have kids or own a house, and I said I’m holding him to that. I then laughed my best Dr. Evil laugh as I told him when that happens there will be a LOT more decorations than we have now. Wahahahahahaha!

Last year was our first Christmas together, and we had grandiose plans of getting a live tree and replanting after Christmas, you know, to be green and all that. Match talked about a cute tradition we could have where we replanted a tree each year with our kids. For starters, we had a tiny sad little pathetic tree, that cost about $40. And the replanting thing? Well…we dragged it to our next apartment together, where it died a slow and painful death on the front stoop. Sad but true.

This year, the Grinch insisted that we get a fakey. Because he’s a fireman, he hates Christmas trees, and most fake trees are flame resistant (at least ours says it is). Also, here in CA Christmas trees are $$$. So for 25 bucks, we have a 6 foot tree that will last for years, instead of a charlie brown tree that wouldn’t make it to Christmas Eve.

I never thought I would like having a fake tree, but it’s pretty great. No pine needle mess, and I can put it up the day after Thanksgiving (we got the tree on Black Friday, hence the awesome deal, score!). I tried to convince Match to light the tree with me, but when he saw me virgoing out and being all OCD with the lights, he ran for the back room. Check out the runway! IMG_7058

Here’s our finished tree, it’s not as big as I would like, or as full, but for the price and the small space we’re in now, it’s perfect. IMG_7063

Monkey was not very pleased that we moved his normal sleeping spot to make room for the tree. Do you see that big basket of his toys? You’d think we have a toddler not a puppy. Look at that face, “When do I get to open MY presents?”IMG_7090IMG_7097

Now I did manage to get Match to watch Elf, a movie we both love, while decorating the tree. And he even hung a few ornaments! So with just a little prodding I was able to hit a KVM switch and tap into his Christmas spirit. So now he’s really not that much of a Grinch, maybe more of a Scrooge. Wait till he gets to my parent’s house for Christmas. He thinks my decorations are bad…hahaha…wait until he sees Mama’s house!



    Omg Monkey totally stole all the cute couples Christmas time out of this post, which is what I normally swoon over…but look at that face! What a cutie!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..L. is Famous! =-.


    Awe the tree looks great! Maybe its the Virgo nature but I love Christmas and all the decorations to!! At least Match got into it a little 🙂
    .-= E´s last blog ..There’s Just Never Enough Time =-.


    tree looks great! happy holidays!!
    .-= phoebe´s last blog ..over the top. =-.


    Just wait. We’re decoration addicts in my fam…and the hubs has totally come around and joined us!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Who says it’s too cold for shorts? Throw on a pair of tights baby! =-.

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