Good Couple Friends are Hard to Find

Ted: Come on they just got excited, they’ve been looking for couple best friends forever. Barney:This is a website Marshal already made about last night. It’s called –How I Met Your Mother

Well it happened. Outdoor Couple broke up. I think Outdoor Girl realized how hard it was to put the idea of breaking up out there, and then just sit on it. She called me last night crying, and told me she’d finally done it. I felt so sorry for her, because it was an incredibly hard decision. Match was disappointed to hear about the breakup, because we both love them as a couple. We seem to be cursed when it comes to finding best couple friends! First Drama and B (but that match needed to end, and badly) and now Outdoor Couple.

Outdoor Girl said she still wants to be friends, and I laughed and said of course. Match will still have poker nights with Outdoor Guy, and I will definitely continue to hang out with Outdoor Girl. I’ve really enjoyed our walks together and the quality girl time. As much as I love Match, I think it’s good for the two of us to have separate friend time once in awhile. Still, it’d be nice to find a couple we click with that we can hang out with once a week. Couple Friends are perfect, but they have so many other friends and crazy busy schedules. We’re lucky to hang out with them once a month.

So back to Outdoor Couple. The timing for their breakup couldn’t have been worse. Match and I are hosting a Christmas appetizer/cocktail party tonight, and we invited Outdoor Couple and Couple Friends over. It’s sad that they won’t be there, but if they had come, we would have been able to tell something was wrong. When we went to see New Moon with OC, we could just feel the tension in the air. It was painfully obvious that Outdoor Girl was distant from Outdoor Guy.

I just hope Match and I don’t come across as Marshal and Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Here’s a clip from an episode that had Match and I cracking up so hard. It starts about 44 seconds in, where they talk about Couples Night. Enjoy!



    Good blog today!!! I really enjoyed the clip from “How I Met Your Mother”. And, maybe you & Match are a little like Marshal & Lily (only you may not be the “gourmet cook” that she is). Just kidding.


    There is never a good time to break up. But I think the worst time is right before summer, when there’s so much fun stuff to do. That seemed to always be my timing!
    A little time apart with your own friends is good for any relationship.
    Enjoy your football Sunday! or whatever you’re doing.
    .-= ONE of THE GUYS´s last blog ..Your Internal GPS =-.


    I can TOTALLY relate to this post for so many reasons:

    1. L.’s and my best friends (individually and as a couple) C. and RLDH (Real Life Dan Humphrey…and we wonder why he has dating problems)…began dating his senior year of college and the rest of our sophomore years. When he graduated and moved to Boston (three hours away from us), they broke up and L. and I (who, by the way, are EXACTLY Lily and Marshall…good and horribly annoying parts) were devastated. But THEN they decided to try long distance dating for awhile, and he was actually just here this weekend and we had a great time. I’m really hoping they can make it work…


    I love How I Met Your Mother!

    Hubs and I haven’t really found a couple that we both like. We keep trying, but there always seems to be one of us who doesn’t like one of the members of the couple.
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