Halloween Plans

Ted: How many days are there in October?
Barney: Ah, thirty?
Ted: Dude, I thought we cleared this up last year.
[flashback to last year]
Barney: [as Borat] I like Halloween very much. Is nice! [flashes thumbs-up]
Ted: [in a Borat-style accent] Is also tomorrow.
Barney: Damn it! –How I Met Your Mother

This is my second Halloween with Match. Last year we opted for a couples costume, the first I’d ever done, and I loved it. Match also had to work that year, so we didn’t get to party it up too late. I had wardrobe malfunctions and an unbelievably tight Alice Costume, while Match spent the night trying to keep the White Rabbit hood on his head. This year we’re doing individual costumes, and instead of sexy, I’m going for silly. I’ll reveal the costumes after I take pictures, just to keep you guys guessing. πŸ™‚

We’re headed to a party tonight for Outdoor Girl’s birthday, and she’s opted for celebrating by taking us all to the Haunted Corn Maze. Match and I did the corn maze last year, but not the haunted version. I’m a total chicken so I’ll probably be completely freaked out, but it should be fun. Match is still hobbling, but he is able to put weight on his ankle, so he’s being a trooper and tagging along. I just hope I don’t trip him as I run for the nearest exit when I get scared!!

I’m really excited that Outdoor Girl invited us to her party. Last weekend we went to a party at Couple Friends’ house, where Outdoor Couple were there, along with other people we’re starting to become friends with through Couple Friends. We love hanging with that group, and it’s nice to know we’re a part of it. Match gets along great with the other guys, and I have fun with the girls.

Tomorrow night we’re headed to a party at Birthday Twin’s house. It’s going to be one of those classic college parties, and I’m not sure how long M and I will stay there. We’re not wild partiers and we’re definitely not going the sexy route for our costumes, so we’ll stick out like the old fuddy duddy couple we are. πŸ˜‰ But it’ll be fun to make an appearance, and should be a lot better than battling the crowds at the bars.

What’s everyone doing for Halloween this weekend?


    Brittany E.

    We all have things where we didn’t do our best, or we wish we had done differently. I did some of that in my undergrad too. And I think it goes along way, to admit to the panel that you didn’t do so well your first time around. And you know why you didn’t, but that you are older and wiser now-and want to give it your all. I think people like to give people second chances, because we have all been there.

    I still doubt myself in grad school every day! I don’t know if that ever goes away, just gotta take it week by week.

    Tina T

    I miss the days of spending Halloween with grownups. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great taking my kids out Trick or Treating, but it’s a whole different kind of fun that is dependent on how many of their sugared up friends join us.

    Bring Back Pluto

    Let’s see. Here’s my Halloween.

    Coached a baseball game.

    Ate some bad tuna.

    Went to a party with my daughter. (My wife stayed home with the boys…sick)
    I started getting dizzy and spaced out at the party. Maybe freaking a few people out. Got food poisoning, and luckily my wife picked me up before the hurling started.

    After that episode, I took a nap and felt a lot better.

    Rallied to go trick-or-treating with all three kids, sick son included.

    Did five houses, then took candy duty at the house.

    Put kids to bed.


    So no costume!! But the kids were happy and that’s all that matters.


    Hope you had a good Halloween! I look forward to seeing pictures πŸ™‚


    L. and I were Jim and Pam! (Of course.)


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