Wishful Thinking Can Be Dangerous

Piper: You broke your ankle when you were seven. Come on Prue, we went to Duran Duran together, you stretched out my leg warmers.
Phoebe: And then you gave them to me. –Charmed

Sunday I couldn’t wait for Match to get home. I kept wishing that he were there with me when I was out grocery shopping and running errands. I wished we could go to the Halloween store together and pick out a costume. It’s crazy that Halloween is right around the corner. Even harder to believe when Safeway already has its artificial christmas trees and Christmas decorations all over the place. I really wish they’d put that stuff away until at least Thanksgiving. I love me some Christmas, but isn’t it a bit soon?

Anyways, I digress. I think I may have wished a little too hard for Match to be with me, because as soon as I got home from shopping, I had a text from Match saying he hurt his foot and needed a ride home. I called him up, and turns out he rolled his ankle really badly and wasn’t sure if it was broken. When I asked what heroic thing he was doing when it happened, he confessed sheepishly that he was playing basketball with the firefighters for their physical training. D’oh!

So I picked him up, and played nurse all afternoon. His foot was insanely swollen, twice as big as his other foot! He went to the doctor on Monday, and it’s not broken, but it’s a bad sprang, and he needs a walking cast. He’s not able to do much for the next six months! 🙁 Now I know I wished we’d have more time together, but I had visions of going on fall hikes and going for runs together. This is NOT what I had in mind. Still, it was nice to spend Sunday afternoon together, injured or not.

He happily listened while I recounted my weekend. I told him how I started the day off by going on a long walk with Outdoor Girl, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, to my night with Birthday Twin. He made me come lay down on the couch with him and he snuggled me close and said, “I’m so lucky to have you. Who would ever pass you up? Seriously marry me, you’re my dream girl!” Then he got all serious and said he’ll propose better than that. Still it gave me goosebumps, and I love that he’s thinking along those lines. He laughed and asked if he was ruining the future moment with all these fake proposals. I said he’s just the boy who cried proposals and he better cut it out or I wouldn’t believe him when he actually does it. 😉



    AAAAAAHHHH! That is so sweet and it made my stomach jump… I can only imagine how you feel!

    Sorry about Matchs ankle! We’ll just pretend he did it saving the life of a helpless old lady.

    Tina T

    Men do really appreciate being taken care of when they’re sick or injured. It sounds like we’ll be reading about a real proposal some time in the very near future. I’m looking forward to reading all about it.

    The Redhead Riter

    This isn’t a good man day for me to comment…LOL…but, I’m going to comment any way.

    Are you sure he isn’t just saying those fake proposals to keep you in his back pocket without having to actually marry you? I would hate to see you have your heart broken.

    Penny Lane

    Awww! Yay!! Can’t wait to read about the real one!


    Ahhh, the Jim Halpert syndrome rears its head once again!

    But if you look at where all those fake proposals got Pam, you guys are headed down a good road =)

    PS Some lovely couple fall activities you can do with (or without) sprained ankle!:

    Pumpkin picking and subsequent carving

    Apple picking!

    Enter a costume contest

    Hand candy out to adorable-and-sometimes-bratty-children on Halloween

    See if a local brewery has a seasonal beer tasting (Did you know they make pumpkin ale?!)


    Scary movie fest! Either at home or sometimes the movie theatres do a marathon-for-one-ticket deal.

    Hmm….I’ll have to make L. do some of these with me! =)


    Sounds like you’ve got a sweet guy there. =)

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!!


    Hey! Stopping in from SITS. Sounds like you were a good nurse to him. Also sounds like you had a great weekend, take care.


    We’re sorry about Match’s ankle. But at least he did it playing basketball not golf!

    We hope he steps it up and proposes for real!

    PS. We have a slight concern. And we say this only because we like you so much. Hope that’s OK. We’re not sure why he’s doing practice proposals?

    But we are rooting for both of you. He seems like a nice guy and he’d be silly not to propose to someone as cool as you! 🙂

    Date Girl

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    As Michelle mentioned, he’s doing the Jim Halpert thing from The Office. We saw it on an episode, where he just messed with Pam by fake proposing all the time. Match has said it’s his way of saying he’s so happy, and can’t wait until he can propose. He’s one of those old fashioned guys who wants to have a really stable career first, so he can provide for his future family. I agree though, I hope they aren’t all just talk. We haven’t been together all that long though. It hasn’t even been a year and a half yet! But don’t worry dear readers, I won’t wait around for years, and M knows that better than anyone. Thanks for all the comment love, you guys rock!


    you are right… he will be the boy who cried proposals, haha. i’m happy you found someone who wants you in his life… but perhaps the fake-ies should be withheld. it’s only so much a girl can go through. haha. l really enjoy your blog and only wish you the best 🙂


    Awe ya’ll are so cute its almost sickening! lol Sorry to hear about Match’s foot, hope he feels better soon! And enjoy the time together while you can 🙂

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