I’m Over the Top!

Sydney: It was a little over the top.
Will: Over the top? I’m wearing seat covering, there is no “over the top.” –Alias

One of my new readers, Michelle, at Things I Said and Meant to Say, gave me the Over the Top Award! She knows me too well already! 😉 The rules for accepting this award are to answer the questions below, and to nominate six other bloggers. Thanks Michelle!

over_the_top award

1. Where is your cell phone: Sitting on my desk because it’s my work blackberry, and of course I only use it for work…right…

2. Your hair: Is kind of a mess because I showered last night. But with the new color, it’s a prettier mess 😉

3. Your mother: is way too far away and I’m missing her terribly. It’s been over a year since I last saw her and Christmas could not come fast enough. We do talk at least once a week though, and we’ve become incredibly close despite our distance.

4. Your father: is estranged and his way of “patching things up” was by trying to befriend me on facebook. SERIOUSLY?! .My stepfather, aka Pops and the man who raised me, is the best father a gal could ever ask for!

5. Your favorite food: sushi with a second runner up being bread and cheese. Yu-hummm.

6. Your dream from last night: Was something I was going to devote a whole blog post to, but it’ll work here. I had a great/sad dream. I dreamed that Match and I were getting married, but I was overcome with sadness because I knew I didn’t have any bridesmaids. I have some girl friends that I’ve become close to, but not one “bestie” that would be guaranteed to help me out with the wedding planning, and be the first person I would call. On the other hand, I also dreamed that Match and I were saying our vows, and I was telling him that never in my life did I know what it meant to have a best friend until I met him. That made me smile. I woke up with the dream feeling very real, because well…in truth I don’t have a best girl friend, and Match and I probably won’t have a bridal party. But I do have good friends, and family, and I think we’ll be just fine. Maybe I’ll find a best girl friend someday, and maybe I’ll just have a handful of good gal pals.

6. Your favorite drink: Thai iced tea, or if we’re talking alcoholic, Vodka Dirty Martini, extra dirty.

7. Your dream/goal: move up in my career, possibl become IT Manager, or own my own company with Match someday (selling some sort of project, no idea what, ha!) I also dream of becoming a mom and working part time, so the goals sort of clash with each other.

8. What room are you in: the office, in my little half cube.

9. What is your hobby: blogging, and singing. I don’t sing nearly as often as I would like.

10. What is your fear: Not being able to have kids, not being married by the time I’m 30 (and want to start having kids), and Match never finding a career that fulfills him.

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Working on Baby#2 (hopefully already having him/her) own our own house, married to Match, and of course manager or promoted in my company to where I’m making more than I do now, but working half the time. Hey, it could happen!

12. Where were you last night: Suffering through an incredibly difficult midterm for my networking class. 3 hours of networking was not fun.

13. Something you are not: glamorous or graceful.

14. Muffins: aren’t all that great and go straight to my budha belly. I’d rather have bagels if I’m going down that road.

15. Wish list items: sexy boots that don’t hurt my flat feet, a new bedroom furniture set, a Mazda 3 hatchback, and a cute little ring for my left hand. 😉

16. Where did you grow up: Oregon, in a small town on the coast. I grew up on a farm and miss that simple life (but not the small town gossip!).

17. Last thing you did: entered data into an excel spreadsheet for updated server lists. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m extremely bored at work, can you tell?

18. What are you wearing: My favorite Candie’s jeans that are so long I have to roll the legs up, and my favorite green tee. I love that my work is casual!

19. Your TV: is enormous! Have  I mentioned that I bought myself an outrageously huge flat screen last year? It’s funny because everyone assumes it was Match, but he points to me and says, “Nope, she’s the dude in the relationship. That’s also HER playstation!”

20. Your pets: One jack russell/blue heeler nicknamed Monkey. He’s precocious and loveable. Lately he’s just been a beast though.

21. Your friends: Assorted. I have a bunch from different groups, and no set group that I belong. It makes for an interesting bunch when I host parties. They’re all fun though, and I would like to gain a few more.

22. Your life: happy and trucking along. I can’t wait until the sememster is over though. We could use a little R&R.

23. Your mood: bored and not in the mood to work. Can’t wait to go home and clean the house up for Match’s first Poker Night (I’m going to play housewife and serve snacks and beer!).

24. Missing someone: my family who I will see in December!

25. Vehicle: is making this horrible grinding noise when it’s in low gears. It’s really motivating me to get that Mazda3, but then again…who wants a car payment?

26. Something you’re not wearing: Makeup (same as you Michelle!) I only wear it when I go out. And I would be saucy and say no undies, but that’s gross, especially at work.

27. Your favorite store: Target`. That and Cost Plus World Market. I hate clothes shopping, but I LOVE shopping for home decor.

28. Your favorite color: blue

29. When’s the last time you laughed: last night when Match was being “fake mean” to me. He was doing it on purpose, and it cracked me up because he’s not good at it at all.

30. When’s the last time you cried:  Monday night when I found out I got a D on my written final for my networking class. If I don’t pass the practical that I took on Weds I won’t be able to advance to the next section. I’ll find out this weekend.

31. Your best friend: is Match, and he is my other half. Wishing I had a best girl friend, but not sure I could ever trust someone to take that role. Match is the only “best friend” I’ve ever had who considers me to be his best friend too.

32. One place you go over and over: this lil Mexican restaurant in our new town. It’s delicious! If we could afford to, we’d go to this incredible sushi place down the road, but that’s more of a once every six months treat.

33. One person who emails me regularly: Match’s mom is always emailing me forwards cuz she’s cute like that.

34. Favorite place to eat: The Melting Pot for their incredible dessert fondue.

Here are the six bloggers on whom I’d like to bestow this award:

Dry as Toast: She’s got a great writing style and she’s not afraid to bare her sole. Plus I love her name, Dorkys Ramos!

LuvemorLeavem: A dating advice blog, that talks about some serious dating issues.

My Life as a Wallace: Another new (to me) blogger who is a newly wed and is just plain adorable.

The GUYS Perspective: My old male readers. I love these guys! They have some funny blogs, but also some serious ones too. Their blog is a great daily read.

Welcome to the Jungle: Jen has recently moved from NY to make it as a writer in LA. She’s got some great stories of life in La-La land.

Life as a Single Girl: E has found her own version of Match in her Marine. I love reading the story of how they’re developing, and her reluctant fall into love again. E I know I’ve tagged you before, but you said you had some writer’s block so hopefully this will help! Hey, it’s better than resorting to talking about Horse and her horse supplies right?



    Yay, I won something 🙂 hehe thanks so much!


    Thanks Date Girl!!

    You da BOMB!!!


    Aww thanks so much, girl! And dang kid, that’s a whole mess of questions!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday (and that’s it way warmer wherever you are. Seriously FREEZING here!)


    I am loving this! I get to learn so much about you! If I lived closer… I would totally take you out for dirty martinis and help you plan your future wedding.

    Instead we’ll have to have internet conversation while I help you plan your future weddng.

    Tina T

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad that I found out about your blog, it’s always nice to meet another hopeless romantic.


    LOL, I just realized you misspelled “soul.” I mean unless you think I like to walk barefoot 😉

    Date Girl

    Ew I did misspell soul! Or maybe you do like to walk around barefoot! 😉


    Cool Q&A. That would be hard to live far away from your family. Hope you have fun in December when you can see them. 🙂

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