Confessions of an Online Shopper

Lily: Yeah! Well…I read somewhere that compulsive shopping was a disease!
Sean: Cholera is a disease. Compulsive shopping is something a 16 year-old does when she wants to look cute for a party and someone gives her a credit card. –Grounded for Life

I’ve admitted that I hate shopping in stores. I have horribly flat feet that get sore from walking around for long periods of time. I hate lines. I hate screaming children who walk right in my foot path almost tripping my already clumsy self. So it should come as no surprise that I prefer to do my shopping online. I feel that lately as the economy has been slow, and when I’ve studied for a solid 5 hours and my brain is mush, my mouse every so slyly makes its way to my favorite online stores. Now, I’m not a person who overspends. I’m fairly frugal actually, and have been squirreling most of my money away for practical things like a house and a new car.

It doesn’t help that I work on a computer all day, and have access to online shopping 40 hours a week. It’s practically an occupational hazard! This month alone I’ve purchased a few books from Amazon books as well as the remaining seasons of Friends on DVD (well I had to finish the collection right?), shoes from the Healthy Feet Store (for those awful flat feet I told you about) and a new night stand. I have my packages delivered to work because I’m there to sign for them, and even the UPS guy made a comment about my shopping sprees. Is it bad? I would say besides the books and dvds, everything else was necessary. And now with winter coming up, I’ve got my eye on a few coats and a lovely pair of boots from Aerosoles (also for my flat footed handicap!).

What about you? Anyone out there a fan of online shopping, or do you prefer to go to the store? My only complaint is having to wait for my merchandise. If only all websites offered free next day delivery…



    We are fans, except for the worry of credit card fraud.

    Products are often cheaper. And sometimes there’s more selection online.

    Still haven’t moved into buying food online. Some things you have to actually see and feel before you buy.

    Hmmm….that sounds a bit provocative, doesn’t it?? 🙂

    Have a good day.


    Yes online shopping can be great, but sometimes I like to still go the stores and see what they got

    Tina T

    I love online shopping. The odds that I will go into a store and find my size in the color that I want are just too slim. I also spend so much time sitting in that California freeway traffic that it’s not worth it.

    I do prefer online sites that allow you to return or exchange at a store (like Gap and Old Navy) since I’m too cheap to want to pay for return shipping.


    I am all about online shopping, as my blog will shamelessly tell you.

    Also, I just wanted to let you that I selected your blog for the Over the Top award!

    Check out the post to learn more about the award!


    Brittany E.

    I am defintely a fan of online shopping, its the only shopping I would do, if given the choice 🙂


    I thought I was the only giry girl who hated shopping in stores! And I agree: life would be so much more blissful if online purchases showed up next day (…washed and ready to wear). Hee hee.

    I do, however, love book stores. I could spend hours there. But clothes shopping is definitely an on-line venture, especially if I already own clothes from that store and know how they fit.

    P.S. Stores that don’t allow coupons to be used online should be punshed!!

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