Couple Wife and Ladies Night Out

Dick: I’m sure you can defeat a simple door lock.
[Tommy breaks through the window with his hand and unlocks the door]
Dick: What are you doing?! Now this is breaking and entering! It’s illegal!
Tommy: What’d you expect me to do? Beam you in? –3rd Rock From the Sun

So Saturday night was girl’s night out with Couple Wife and two of her friends. We met up at this bar in town that’s kind of a chic cabana style bar. It’s all done up in tropical decor, and smells like coconuts when you walk in. It’s even a little bit humid to add to the ambiance. I imagine it’s what a bar in cancun hotels would be like. I was nervous at first about what the girls would think of me. I’d met them both twice before, once at CW’s baby shower, and once again at her Prom party, but we never talked. We mingled, but I never actually had a conversation with them. These girls are always dressed to the nine, makeup perfect, not a hair out of place, so I was nervous!

When I first walked in I immediately relaxed. I had taken extra time on my outfit, hair and makeup, and I chose correctly. For starters, we were all dressed in black. It wasn’t planned, but it made for cute pictures. Second, the other girls included me in the conversation right away. And up close, and not in a big pack of girls, the two weren’t that intimidating. They were just regular girls.


Me and Couple Wife in our outdoor Cabana tent. Complete with firepit!

We spent the evening talking, laughing, and drinking. I discovered that Couple Wife’s best friend, (whom CW calls her Wife) and the other girl who came with us are both dating firemen. Match may only be a fire intern, but still. We obviously like the same kind of guy, so that was fun. Then the other girl confessed that she loves Twilight and Harry Potter, so we were immediately BFFs for the night. šŸ™‚ I hope to get to know these ladies better and hopefully we’ll have more fun nights out together.girlsnightout

From left to right, Me, Couple Wife (and her boobs, yowza, Couple Wife’s Wife, and their long time friend)

At the end of the night, in which I realized I had one too many drinks (I only had three, I’m such a lightweight!) CW and I broke into my new house. Match had spent the evening with Couple Hubby and Couple Wife’s Wife’s (how’s that for confusing, I’ll nickname her at some point I swear!) boyfriend. They stayed at home hanging out with CWW’s kid and Couple Baby, being good boys. Match decided to go for a drive afterward, thinking we’d be out later, and wasn’t home when Couple Hubby came to pick us up and drop me off at home. CW announced she had to pee (she also drank too much!) so we decided to try my bedroom window. Before I knew what was happening CW was popping off my screen like a pro and tossing me through our open window! She explained that CH used to lock himself out of their apartment when they were first dating all the time. Haha! Match got home right as I stumbled out of the bedroom laughing my head off at our burglary attempt.
I don’t remember much else, except attacking Match and apparently as he puts it, “forcing myself on him”. Whatever, he liked it. He insisted that I need to go on more girl’s nights. Except next time, don’t forget to bring my house key!

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    HAAHAH I love it! Sounds like you had a great night! šŸ™‚ Cute pics.I’m glad you had fun and that the other girls were nice. I’m like you 3 drinks and I’m in the “happy place” sad we’re such lightweights! lol

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