Studying Makes Me Sleepy

[to Nick’s suggestion of studying for an upcoming history test] Hey man, bag the books. What’s to study? Christopher Columbus checked this place out. Now we’re here. –Rex, The Adventures of McGee and Me

Do you ever find that you fall asleep when you’re trying to study, but the minute you stop studying you’re wide awake again? What is that? Educational narcolepsy? If that’s a real thing I’ve definitely got it. I’ve been studying for my midterms most of the day, and it’s incredibly boring. I think I mentioned that I’m taking a Windows command line class and a networking class. Not exactly the most exciting of subjects.But if I do well, I could get a promotion in my company. Maybe my boss would buy key man life insurance for me, since I’d be a key employee. I’ve only got two more months of the Windows command class left, but another 8 months left of the networking academy. I guess one way to look at it is, even if I don’t get a good grade, at least I know how to fall asleep if I’m having trouble. I’ll just open up my textbook! 😉

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    I agree!! I’m taking some website design classes and studing code after so long makes me sleepy!

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