Invite to the Girls Club

Jules: You can’t wear fake nails on just one hand, it makes you look like a crazy whore.
Laurie: I only had four left and this is the hand I smoke with. –Cougar Town

I just have to say, the simple act of someone inviting me to join in an activity can make my day. With the move and our crazy schedule, Match and I haven’t had much time for fun in the last few weekends. So when Couple Wife texted me that she wanted to see the new place today I was thrilled to have her over. We ended up going out to lunch, and she said she’s been really craving a girl’s night out, and asked if I would like to join her and her girlfriends.

Now she’s had these girlfriends since high school, and they’re a close knit bunch. I felt honored that she would include me in a night out with them. Now I’m just a little bit nervous because these girls are very posh. Think sleek and sophisticated style, always with the perfect hair, makeup and clothes. They’re very nice, I’ve met them all on a few occasions, but we’ve never really talked. It’s probably because my tomboy self is intimidated by them. But I think it’s about time I got in touch with my girlie side and branched out a little. We’re going out for drinks, and I’m sending Match over to hang out with Couple Hubby and one of the other girls’ boyfriend. They’ll play video games, drink a few beers, and watch the kids (I haven’t mentioned that part to Match, hehe, but I don’t think he’ll mind, he loves Couple Baby!). Should be a fun night, and hopefully I can throw together a decent outfit!

Oh, and since I’m sure some of you have been wondering, yes I did get time to clean the new place, and here are a few pictures to share. I don’t think they do it justice at all, but here they are. We haven’t had a chance to hang anything, and we’re still waiting for the dining table, but here’s a few pictures of the place so far.

living roomlivingroom2kitchenreadingroom



    Oh it already looks comfy and homey! And yeah, I’m not the girly girl either, but it’s nice to indulge that side of you every now and then isn’t it?

    Bring Back Pluto

    Love the new place. Reminds me of some good times…..uh…and…uh..some
    “other” times.. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll fit in great with the girl group. Did it already go down??

    Funny, the GUYS hanging with the babe. Perfect!


    Your place looks nice and comfy!


    How exciting! And the place looks great 🙂 Congrats!

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