Moving and Midterms

Miranda : Twenty dollars for a hamburger. Oh, that’s reasonable.
Samantha : Pathetic! When I moved to this neighborhood, the only thing that cost twenty dollars was a hand job from a tranny. –Sex and the City

Moving is such hard freaking work. I’m still way too frugal to hire movers or a cleaning company for the old place, so there is so much work involved. This move in particular was tough because it was just the two of us. For some strange reason, we didn’t call any of our friends. I helped Match with everything, including our couch! Have I mentioned I’m a whopping 5 feet tall? This was insane! But we did it, and besides our dining room table, we’re done moving stuff.
I still don’t have pictures for you guys because I’m completely OCD and I want everything to look perfect first. You’ll also notice I haven’t blogged in forever, and that’s because not only did we just move, and finally got internet yesterday, but I’m also smack dab in the middle of mid terms. So I will be making up for my lack of blogging hopefully in the next few days. Tonight Match and I are going to spend our Friday night cleaning the old apartment. We’re just about done, and we can put that place behind us, and enjoy how great our one story duplex is, that feels so much more like a house.
Oh, and since we’ve moved into this new place that happens to have two rooms, both my mom and Match’s mom have dropped baby hints like crazy. My mom says things like, “You know, we had you and your brother in a duplex”, while Match’s mom gives me this grin and says, ” You never know what you can use that spare room for” with this sing song voice. Come on people! We’re not even engaged yet! I’m not picking out natural baby products until I’ve had my turn down the aisle, thank you very much. At least that’s how I hope it all works out. Then again, as Match’s mom says, “You never know!”



    We gave you some props today on our site w/link! Along with some of our other blogger friends.

    Hope all is well.


    Karen MEG

    I’m here visiting from Saturday Sharefest and it’s so nice to meet a cute young SITSA – your blog is so fun, I love how you’ve done your Who’s who!

    Moving IS very hard work, but even harder work is dealing with all those baby hints! You stick to your plan, there’s no harm in waiting a little even after you get married (and hope it all works out for you and Match BTW). Just a little though ;).


    haha. did you tell them… yeah the spare room is an office… or… that’s where match will go when he’s been bad. haha.
    congrats on the move. the place looks adorable. lots of luck!!!


    Haha I agree with Phoebe tell them something like that. I to need to get back to blogging just past couple weeks been hectic! Happy moving! Good luck can’t wait to see pics and hear all about it!

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