The Duplex and A New Chapter

Phillip: So Will, did you find a new place?
Will: Uhhhh, well Uncle Phil……
Carlton: Yeah, it’s a great place!
Vivian: How does it look?
Carlton: Well, it’s got ceiling-to-floor doors, and wall-to-wall floors!
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I had to copy my blogger friend Brittany in the title, because, well, we got a duplex too!  We’re moving the first week of October, and I’m so excited! The way everything came together so quickly was kind of amazing. It was one of those moments where it just felt right. We met with the landlords, and I could tell Match and I made a good impression, but I was shocked at how quickly they approved us. The day after we met, we were approved. I’m headed over to the duplex tomorrow to give them our deposit!

So the new place is great. It’s in the town where I went to college, which has far less traffic than where we live now. Plus We will finally have a yard for our dog, and two bedrooms. I’m already fantasizing about the office/reading room. Match was the one who suggested it-he said we could put the love seat in that room, and I could curl up under the window and read Twilight and all my other books. Ha! He knows me too well. 🙂

I’m just so excited to be moving into a home. We share one wall with the neighbors, but it’s a fire wall, so it’s very thick, and little to no sound gets through. Plus the bedrooms are on opposite sides from each other, so we shouldn’t hear them too much. Now here’s the best part-I know the neighbors! Small world right? The wife is actually a friend of mine, and we used to work together at my previous job. She’s friends with Brazil and Old Married Couple! So it feels like this move is meant to be.

When Match and I were on our apartment/home search, we just kept dreading the idea of a big complex. And you wouldn’t believe the prices some of these places charge for their tiny apartments, where you’re sandwiched between other apartments, and have to battle it out for a parking space. They seem to think they’re fancy Seattle apartments instead of crap apartments in a no name town an hour from San Francisco! But like I said, we got lucky, and we’re getting a home for the same price as those stuck up apartment buildings.

I’m not sure when we’re going to have time to move. Between work and school, and Match’s new job and his fire internship, we have very little free time. Sure we’ll have at least one day a weekend, but packing takes time. Especially when you’re a crazy Virgo like myself who needs to put everything just so.

The one sad spot mixed in with all these new changes is that I found a new home for my parrot Elmo yesterday. It was a super difficult decision, but I feel it was the right one to make. I’ve had a lot of problems with him for the past year, and he’s not getting the amount of attention he deserves. I cried as I gave him to the little girl and her dad who adopted her, telling her to be sure to sing him his favorite songs, and that he loves to make kissy sounds. I know he’ll have a good home where he’ll have other bird friends to keep him company, and a little girl who loves him dearly. Her face lit up when she met him, and he let her pet him and cuddle him right away. It felt right to let her take him, but I can’t help being a little heart broken. Match held me last night while I cried in arms, but encouraged me saying I did the right thing by Elmo, and that ultimately he’s going to be happier.

I called Match’s mom to tell her about our new duplex, and I mentioned finding Elmo a home. She made me feel so much better when she agreed that it was the right decision. She said that this is a new chapter in my life with Match, and that she’s so excited for what’s ahead for us. She said that she couldn’t see us keeping him with our current busy schedules, and also when we decide to have kids. And then she ended the talk with, “And you never know when that will be!” in an excited voice. Slow down people! Just because we have a second bedroom does not mean we’re picking out baby clothes. At least not for another few years!



    Good, that you found a new place.
    I so agree with you, people should slow down with thinking about babies. Enjoying time to be a couple is important as well. A Baby changes everything.

    Geez Louise

    Popped over from Sits!! Hubbs and I are moving too! We have to be out of our apartment by the mid of Nov and I can’t wait, Good luck to you in moving!!! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!!


    Oh congrats on the new apartment! How exciting 🙂

    And good thing it wasn’t such a hassle – apt hunting can be so stressful. Good luck with the move!


    New adventures…how nice!

    Brittany E.

    That is so cool! Especially that you get to carve out your own little place in it. We love the freedom of living in a house without owning the house. I hope you really enjoy it! You should post some pics 🙂


    Congrats on the new place! How exciting (We want pictures) and thats great you know the people next door. Also I know its sad having to get rid of Elmo but you did the right thing. You are so busy as it is I know you don’t have much spare time to dedicate to him. Maybe you can go visit him sometime though….. Also I liked Match’s moms comments 😉

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