Not Just Girl Talk

Mrs Green: Oh, this is so much fun, just the girls! Do you know what we should do? Does anybody have any marijuana?
Rachel: [Shocked] God!
Monica: All right, look. Nobody is smoking any pot around all this food!
Mrs Green: Well, that’s fine. I never did it, I just thought I might. So, what’s new in sex?                                                                                             –Friends

There hasn’t been too much going on this week, just working and so busy studying for my night classes. Those two little classes are really eating into my blogging, and I don’t like it one bit! Over the labor day weekend Match and I hung out with Baker Chic and LAX. Match played LAX on the Wii, and loved it so much that we went out and bought one the next day! While the boys played, Baker Chic and I sat in the kitchen visiting. Baker just started up classes at a college two hours from us, so she’s gone during the week, and then home most weekends. The funny thing is, now that she’s moved, we are actually talking a lot more than we used to.

We’ve been having live chats every morning on instant messenger, and it’s been a great way to get to know her better. Each time we hang out in person, she’s warmed up a little more too. I think she’s just a very introverted person, and it just takes time for her to warm up to people. We have a lot of the same views about the big issues out there, like overpopulation, how we want to raise our future kids, and more. It’s nice to have a girl friend I can talk to about that kind of stuff, instead of just girlie things. I like that she’s finally warmed up to me. I feel like she’s a person I’ll be friends with for a really long time. I can definitely see us raising our kids together. I’m just not sure when she’ll be ready to have hers-I’m a little over 4 years older than her I think, and I know I’ll be ready long before she is.

So now it’s Friday and I’m counting down the hours until the Beerfest tomorrow! I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about, since it will be Match’s first time meeting Best Friend. Eep!



    I want a girl BFF!! Can I join in your BFF group? 🙂


    We’re lost!! Who’s this BFF?

    Date Girl

    Lol, she’s not a BFF, she’s just a good friend. We started out as just casual acquaintances, but we’re getting to know each other better. Our boyfriends went to college and high school together, so that’s how we met. I’ve never been big on girl BFFs, I’ve been burned way too many times! But as for a good friend, definitely!


    Sorry I’m playing catch up! I am taking an online class this semester and it is also cutting into my blog time. Glad things are going good, and can’t wait to hear about the beerfest! I have always wanted to go to one but haven’t had the chance yet 🙂

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