Match and the New Job

Addison: I need this job Richard. I need it more than the others.
Richard: Addison,
Addison: No, I need a reason to stay here. I need a reason to get up every morning. I need to get up and not care if it´s raining or that I´m thirty nine and alone.
Richard: That´s WHY. If you need a job to get a new life you either need a new job or a new life.

Match got a new job!! I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. Do the happy dance, woot woot. Why am I so excited? Not only is he going to be happier, doing something more interesting and with a lot of room for advancement, but he got a job in the same town as I work in (half an hour from where we currently live, ughhh) so this means we can finally move closer to work! No more crazy long commute. We’re going to start hunting for a place with a yard for Monkey too. And hopefully 2 bedrooms so we can each have a place to go when we need some space, or to study. Not to mention having a spare room for when we have visitors! I can’t tell you how happy I am.

I heard about the job first, through my coworker. She has a second job that she works at part time, and they had an opening, and she though of Match (so sweet of her!) So his new job will be Shipping and Inventory Manager, which is pretty cool. The lady he’ll be working for seems pretty nice, and she said they give a lot of raises based on performance. Match is a hard worker, so I have no doubt he’ll get those raises. Plus it’s going to be so nice for him not to be under his mom’s wing anymore working for the family business. It was never something he liked, and he hated going to work each day.

After his interview on Friday night, we went out to dinner and he was all smiles. He said he had a really good feeling about the interview, and both of us couldn’t stop talking about what we’d do if he got the job. It’s a fairly good jump in pay, so he’ll finally be able to start saving for our future. He said during the interview, “I’m looking to start a family, and I need to be sure I can support one with this job”. I was floored when he told me that. “News to me sweetheart!” I joked, but I was beaming. Just the fact that he’s looking ahead to our future gets me giddy.



    We’re giddy FOR you! Congrats to Match. We’re happy for you both.


    Life with Kaishon

    YAY for new jobs and fresh starts! I hope it is FANTASTIC : ) Happy Friday from SITS!


    yay! that’s such great news 🙂


    Nice. 🙂 Congrats to him and to you, of course! 🙂

    Cynthia at A Shimmy In My Spirit

    That’s great – congratulations to both of you. Very cute blog you have here.


    Congrats to Match! That’s great 🙂 But wait you drive 30 mins to work now and that’s far? lol I drive about the same and for me it’s close. Funny how different places / different things. Congrats on the comment Match made to. You know it made you all smiles 🙂

    Brittany E.

    Yay for his new job! That is awesome. Hopefully you can find a place that you will love soon, but isn’t moving a bitch =)

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