Funny Photo Friday-Insanewiches

There are three things a man thinks about. I want a sandwich. I want a woman. I want a woman who can make me a sandwich. -Brock, Reba

Yippee it’s Friday!  I’ve been pretty hungry today, so this Friday’s Funny Photo is focused on sandwiches, but not your average BLT. Insanewiches has just about every weird sandwich combination you can think of. These are pretty crazy, and some of them crack me up too.

mousewichThe geek in me giggles perfusely at this one.

tooltorp1Toolboxes-not just another name for losers. It’s also a sandwich!

downsizewichThis one is called the downsizewhich. I love it because in my house lately the talk has been portion control, and this takes it to the extreme. It was also filed on their site under recession, which made me chuckle. Times are tough!!



    Ok I’m shaking my head and laughing right now 🙂

    Juliet Grossman

    Hilarious!!! Thanks so much for swinging by my blog on my Sits Day last week:-)

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