Carmel and the Beach House

Mia: The fancy beach house works with a lot of women, doesn’t it?
Charlie: Honestly, it’s like a G-spot with two mortgages. –Two and a Half Men

Carmel was incredible. We had sun almost every day, which is unheard of for that area. We played on the beach, we took long walks at night, we lounged around doing nothing. We put together an insanely hard puzzle. We shagged on the floor of the guest room because the twin beds were way too squeaky. In short, it was a great vacation.

When we first got there, I was preparing myself for a sort of beach shack, because most vacation rentals aren’t typically all that luxurious. Match already warned me that we’d have to sleep in twin beds, but we’d push them together (ha!). When we got there I was floored by how nice it was. It’s an older house, but it’s beautiful, see?


Here’s the view from the living room. See, the ocean is right there. How cool is that?


oceanfrontWe were also literally two minutes from the beach. We had a trail across the street that lead to a lookout of the ocean and you could see Pebble Beach, that famous golf course. pebblebeachAll of the houses along the beachfront were amazing too. I loved that the houses weren’t cookie cutter, they all looked unique. Match and I took Monkey for long walks, and we’d point out the houses we liked the most. We both have similar taste and would point at the same houses.

Even though we were relaxing, we ended up doing a ton of walking. I even managed to lose a little bit of weight on our trip! Which was a relief since we were drinking gin and tonics every day, and eating tons of really great food. Did I mention that Match’s dad is a very good cook? His parents are also big time wine drinkers, so they kept refilling my glass when we’d have dinner. One of those things where you have no idea how much you drank because they just kept refilling the glass! 😉

The only bad part of the trip happened when Match’s mom announced that I had to go shopping with her. I think she thought that because I’m a girl, I would automatically love shopping as much as well, a normal girl. I’m missing that girlie gene, as I’ve mentioned before. Don’t get me wrong, I love new things. I love home decor, kitchenware, things like that. I even love new clothes. But I absolutely, positively, HATE clothes shopping. Now this is my boyfriend’s mom, my potential mother in law. So I couldn’t say no. Instead I said, “Sure! Sounds like fun!” Match knew better, and I love him so much for this, he bailed me out about mid day. As Match’s mom was dragging me into yet another boutique, he called her cell and made up some excuse about taking me shopping with him. Wasn’t that sweet?

Still, it was nice to get that bonding time in with Match’s mom, and I can’t tell you how thankful I was for their generosity in sharing their vacation with me. It was also such a great feeling, knowing I was a part of their family tradition, a tradition they’ve been doing for the past 20 years.

Match and I spent a lot of time together, just walking around, or playing on the beach with Monkey and Match’s parents’ puppy, who we nicknamed Poodiddle (he’s a poodle that piddles on everything!). He was quite a pain, but so cute you couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

It was so nice falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, something I grew up with and have missed ever since I moved out. Both Match and I want to move to Carmel or Monterey someday. He even started looking for jobs there! We’ll see, it might just be something we aspire to later on in life. For now, I’m just looking forward to us getting to go back next summer. Here are a few more pictures from the trip that I wanted to share with you guys.


The 1000 piece puzzle we spent all vacation working on. Turns out Poodiddle ate one of the pieces. GRRR!

7325_552041886803_33200666_32822752_1455120_nThis puzzle took us forever! Look at all that water, whew. I didn’t even know I liked puzzles till I started working on this.

monkeyandpoodiddleThe dogs had a great time on the beach. Match and I really bonded with Monkey, he was such a good boy. We both appreciated how well behaved he is after spending all weekend with a puppy!!


    RW @ TrueBeauty

    Just stopping in from SITS! Great Blog! It sounds like you had a fantastic time!
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    Sounds a little to good to be true!

    Nah….we’re just jealous!


    I think we meant…. “too good”


    Wow, I wish I could go to the beach again. I love the pictures! Looks like such a beautiful place. 🙂


    Shag? lol Sorry the term just made me giggle! Glad you had a good trip! The pictures look great! And what pretty weather :)Glad you had fun! And yeah I would have wanted to skip out on shopping to, brownie points to Match for bailing you out!

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