My Dog is a Stinker, Literally

[to Kady, after she unknowingly applied skunk odor to herself] Don’t worry, my little stinkweed. I still love you. -Franklin, My Wife and Kids

Last night Match and I spent a nice evening up at his parents house. We had a great meal, followed by a relaxing soak in the hot tub. Just as we were getting out, all sleepy and ready to go home, we hear Monkey barking his fool head off. We called him and he finally came running up, reeking of skunk. Apparently he found a skunk and decided to become friends. He is now probably the cleaniest dog in the world, three baths later, one of which was pure vinegar. I’m not sure which smells worse, vinegar or skunk. Vinegar is a pretty awesome home remedy-it gets out stains, you can use it to cook with, and it might even be the best acne treatment (ok, that may be taking it too far). But it does work with the skunk stink. I can only hope that those of you dog owners don’t have to go through this. It was NOT fun!!



    oh yeah that stinks…. lol literally!! 🙂


    My CAT got sprayed by a skunk when I was away at college and when I got home I picked him up to cuddle and my parents just watched/didn’t feel the need to tell me I was cuddling my skunky cat haha. Wish they had known about the vinegar!


    Merr… Skunk is considered a purrfume to some. Not me!


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